The Ten Point Scale Dilemma

Gaming Unwrapped writer Shayla writes: "What do IGN, Game Informer, GameSpot and Eurogamer all have in common?

They’re popular gaming publications that use the 10 point scale to review their games. Don’t get me wrong; plenty of sites do, including us here at Gaming Unwrapped, and it’s a clean-cut and logical way to do things on the surface.

It’s becoming rather apparent, though, that the “out of 10” way of reviewing isn’t necessarily the best way for things to be done. The numbers are losing their meanings and..."

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Cbaoth013399d ago

I think it's gotta do with versatility. A 10 point scale has more leeway then say a 3 or 5 point scale or even the equivalent in stars. For example, I might like the way a game plays, but find the story weak. Or out of 3 things I adore 2 but the 3rd may be lacking. In Bulletwitch I loved the premise, but the execution left much to be desired. In fact I'm surprised more places don't use a system along the lines of the public school grading system.

deleted88883399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

IGN is not on a 10 point scale, almost no one is. They operate on a 20 point scale due to .5 scores. I remember when it was even worse an they went on a 100 point scale, with every .1 between 0 and 10. That was so arbitrary.