Are They Really That Bad?

Patrick of - "Whilst they might be the dark side of the gaming world, they’re a hell of a lot more friendly than some of the previous winners."

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ziggurcat3020d ago

are they really that bad? no, people are just butthurt because they didn't get what they wanted in a video game.

Solid_Snake373020d ago

They introduced online passes, therefore yes

GamingPerson3020d ago

so people are butt hurt because they didn't get what they payed for? I guess only the good service fanboys care about stuff like that..

ziggurcat3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

if by "they didn't get what they paid for" you mean "they fooled themselves into thinking that the choices they made in a video game had any real affect on the outcome", then yes.

@ solid_snake37:

moot point. online passes aren't that big of a deal, and they're a non-issue if you purchase your games new.

Dee_913020d ago

^^^i dont always talk about things , but when I do, I prefer not to know what im talking about

yes they are that bad.
doesnt matter if other are worse.

V0LT3020d ago

I don't think you realize how many awesome companies they bought and screwed up.

vortis3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I'm sorry you EA Shills are worse than Fanboy Trolls...

Aren't you that same Shill that's been defending EA on ALL the N4G treads? I'm thinking we need to rope you Shills up and toss you back under the desk from whence you came.

Hicken3020d ago

SO, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that you don't even know what people are upset about. Actually, I don't even have to climb the tree to say that.

Online passes suck. They're a massive deal, too; do you really think the majority of gamers buy EVERY game(or even most of them) new? I'll bet you my three adorable nephews that they don't. So whenever somebody wants some online action in FIFA, Madden, or now Mass Effect, that's extra cash they make off an item they have no right to make cash off of.

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GamingPerson3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )


All they does is make me love Valve more!


Maybe not the worst but they still suck.

wollie3020d ago

worst? no.

most hated by web savvy people? yes.

vortis3020d ago

You know, you can always tell when an EA marketer is trolling the tread because they say the dumbest, most anti-gamer, anti-consumerist remarks imaginable. No human being with a soul and a wallet that bleeds money would ever type what the marketing trolls type.