Upcoming PS Vita Games of 2012

gamrReview: "After burning through your initial launch titles you may well be left wondering what's on the horizon for Sony's latest piece of hardware. Launch years can often be pretty thin on the ground when it comes to post-launch software releases, but there are actually quite a few PS Vita titles pencilled in for this year to still get excited about. Take a look at the list below and see if anything catches your eye."

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TheController2543d ago

I'm ready for some new and good Vita games. I play it more than my consoles nowadays. I just hope they can keep the momentum going and it doesnt get forgotten about like systems of the past. It deserves better.

remanutd552543d ago

Resistance , Little Big Planet , Sound Shapes , Gravity Rush and Warrior's Lair !!!!!!!!

remanutd552543d ago

what happened to Broken, Smart As?

Unexpecta2543d ago

I can't wait for Resistance Burning Skies and Gravity Rush. They will be game changer's for the Vita and will also change many people's outlooks on this beast of a handheld.

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