PSP GPS Coming to North America?

That Japan only GPS add-on for the PSP doesn't look so Japan only anymore. Sony's CES page lists the GPS system, leading most to believe the peripheral, already out in Japan, will get a Western release. Here's how the Sony site describes it:

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TheMART4568d ago

Imported I can already buy the thing here in the Netherlands so whats the point exactly?

actas1234568d ago

We get a free GPS system. No complains man.

r10004568d ago

I can't wait for the GPS, sure it won't have a touch screen but, i still think it can be helpful.

Darkiewonder4568d ago

Unless they combine the Mic, Go! Cam with the GPS, then I'm not going to be swapping peripherals to use ;o

Snoozer2824568d ago

Hmmm I should really start looking into using my PSP more.