Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Review

MyGEN take a look at Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom on the Xbox 360.

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is one of the few Hack n Slash Action RPG Games on the Xbox 360 at the present time. BlueSide has brought in their Next Generation installation of the acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire franchise and hopes to deliver the ultimate RPG experience. Will the game hold up amongst the other Hack n Slash titles on the 360? And how will the integration of Xbox Live into the game turn out?

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is set in another dimension, your role is to save the world from eternal darkness and find your way back to the age of light. This is the storyline behind the game but isn't mentioned at all through the game. The only references to the storyline are when you are talking during the dream world when you sleep at the idols. You are able to choose extra quests in the dream world as well, when completed you will unlock a special ability which you can use throughout the game. Circle of Doom is set across 6 chapters, with around four to eight levels in each of them.

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