Japan Busts Out the Eye Shadow and Plastic Guns for Starhawk

When you think of third-person shooter Starhawk, you probably think of space, giant mecha, and multiplayer game play. You most likely do not think of a dude with eye paint or a dude dressed up like Golgo 13.

In this clip, Japanese comedians (and a lady from Sony) help us through a walkthrough of the game. I guess for some this probably looks pretty strange! But in Japan, this sort of stuff is simply called "TV".

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ritsuka6663398d ago

Why don't I have Japanese television?

Pozzle3398d ago

NGL, I wish we got more foreign tv in general. I would watch the hell out of Japanese tv if it was played over here and had subtitles.

VonBraunschweigg3398d ago

Weird indeed. Game has walking mechs with machine guns that transform in flying Hawks with rockets & back in walking mechs that can jump and stomp enemies to death. Now let me first catch my breath again, but why isn't this Japanese video not full of transforming mechs with machine guns etcetera? I thought they still loved that shit.

ShoryukenII3398d ago

Because of that and the server browsers, I think it'll be pretty popular in Japan. I remember seeing a bunch of Japanese servers in the beta as well.

ShaunCameron3398d ago

For some reason, the dynamicness and the intensity of Starhawk's shooting reminds me of Vanquish. I'm glad to hear it's getting an SP mode.

iWishTifaWasReal3398d ago

too bad i don't understand japanese :/