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This week on the ParaNerds podcast the two speak a little about Kid Icarus and Silent Hill 3 as they haven’t played that many games this week. They also speak about news (see below), new releases along with reading fan mail and hate mail. This week Kevin speaks about who the better villain is in Pyramid Head Vs. Nemesis and Rooster speaks about cyber bullies. The crew from For The Love of Gaming Podcast come in and save day as they speak about their adventures and excitement of going to PAX East.You can hear it HERE

Dark Souls Sequel
Wii U Less Powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360
EA Responds to Worst Label
Kingdom Hearts 3D North American Release Date
Assassin’s Creed III Pre-Order Bonuses
Capcom Thinks DLC is OK
EA Named Worst Company
Double Dragon Neon Looks Great
Xbox 720 + Blu-Ray?

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