First Skype PSP Screens, USB Microphone Dated For Japan

Look above, it's the first screenshot of Skype running on PSP. It's not much - but does give us an idea of what to expect. Hit the jump for a photo of the USB microphone accessory, which is set to hit Japan on January 24 as a standalone peripheral for 2,500 yen ($23). A two-piece set will also be available on the same day for 4,000 yen ($46). Previously, the microphone was only available for purchase in a bundle package with the UMD game Talkman.

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Darkiewonder4031d ago

$23 dollars for a special mic?

I'm going to wait for that Go! cam.

aslucher4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

about time

Mcrmarcher4031d ago

looks cool, though its annoying that i have to buy a mic should be free or at least cost very little

Iamback4031d ago

So cool! Very awesome!

Agree with me and give me bubbles,since i am positive and a.. licking guy, thanks.

Biphter4030d ago

And work with the Video feature of Skype too.

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