Microsoft: "Several" Unannounced Exclusives for Xbox 360 in 2008

Wired Game|Life - Chris Kohler, January 06, 2008:

In a post-keynote email to Microsoft staff, Xbox chief Don Mattrick said that "several exciting yet-to-be-announced" games that are exclusive to Xbox 360 will be released in 2008.

This came after a list of previously announced exclusive games for 2008: Halo Wars, Too Human, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Fable 2.

Dean Takahashi was CC'ed on the email and has the complete text on his tech blog. It's worth a read-through.

Other notable comments from the recently-installed Xbox maestro:

• Microsoft's "mission" this year is for Xbox 360 to be "the console of choice for everyone in the family;"

• "History has shown that the eventual winner of each console generation was the console that generated the most 3rd party revenue," which is technically true, except I have serious doubts about the cause-and-effect relationship that Mattrick seems to be implying;

• This year's versions of Madden and FIFA will be "looking and playing better on our platform," which is a pretty bold statement eight months out;

• Wrapping all this up: "I believe we will close 2008 with Xbox 360 being the leader of this generation of consoles." That's rather vaguely worded, isn't it? Not even sure if he can be proven wrong on that.

[ Title and summary by Chris Kohler for Wired Game|Life ]


Notes: Don Mattrick replaces Peter Moore as the new Senior Vice President of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business unit, which includes Xbox 360, Games for Windows and Live services. Before joining Microsoft, he was the president of EA Worldwide and previously considered a candidate for the CEO position at EA. He personally designed Test Drive and was instrumental in the creation of The Sims and the Need for Speed series.

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jack who4030d ago

yay more rumor for us to go nuts about

Omegasyde4030d ago

Especially the part with EA sports selling out the PS3. Another 30fps port in 2008 again despite every other sports game running at 60fps.

I find that to be very true. Oh EA you always did sell out and suck as customer service.

O that NFL license can only get you so far.

wil4hire4030d ago

like the rest of the 'exclusives' minus halo/forza/me.

Dr Pepper4030d ago

Well, as long as they're are of high quality and I can play them, I really don't care what other platform they appear on.

TheZippo4030d ago

What is wrong with having another way of distributing games? If consumers don't have an Xbox they can pick it up on PC. Either way Microsoft doesn't lose. The exclusivity arguments are weak.

INehalemEXI4030d ago

They could use some new ip's about now.

Daishi4030d ago

Who couldn't? I'm tired of games with a number in the title but that is the way of any industry I guess, Halo 67 and R&C 81 here we come...

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