Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) Review By Canadian Online Gamers

Canadian Online Gamers - "When I first heard there was a very popular Japanese RPG called “Xenoblade Chronicles” coming to North America, I was very interested but at the same time very cautious. After all, I have been let down many times before with RPG’s that simply failed to deliver. So needless to say, I wanted Xenoblade to be one of those RPG experiences that not only wets my RPG appetite but delivers one of those unforgettable experiences you can play for months on end. Fortunately Xenoblade Chronicles does all that and more."

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ZodTheRipper3395d ago

One of those games that makes me want a Wii :/

Relientk773395d ago

cant wait to get this, only a few more days

Allowen3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

I still did not buy Tales of Grace f formy PS3 because I m still addicted to ME3 and now comes this awesome Wii game.

I dont have the time to play both games.... Tales or Xenoblade? Hard decision .