10 Games that will rock the Wii in 2008

Many critics have been predicting that 2008 will see the demise of the Wii as good software for the system dries up. Gameplayer has constructed a look at ten games that would suggest otherwise.

"With that in mind, we've stuck together the following list of Wii games we genuinely feel are worth looking out for in the first half of this year, assuming of course they live up to either their hype or their forebears."

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Brian52474033d ago

on that list are Mario Kart Wii and SSBB...kinda sad.

Rock Band is on there too...why?

IGNFTW4033d ago


Rayko4033d ago

Fatal frame 3 and sadness?
I dont know if sadness will be released or not, which is kinda sad but Fatal frame 3 is a game that everyone should look out for.Fatal frame 1 and 2 were the most scary games last gen.

bozemanriverrat4033d ago

The description says "worth looking out for in the first half of the year." Maybe that's why the weren't mentioned?

Of course, they mentioned Rock Band, which isn't even announced and EA has even denied it is in development. I've said it before and I'll say it again...EA is flushing money down the toilet every month that passes and Rock Band isn't on the Wii. I wonder how many people have looked for that game (on any console) since Conan O'Brien played it on his show the first night back from the writer's strike?

felman874033d ago

Glad I don't live in Aus. They still haven't gotten Zack and Wiki yet

wiizy4033d ago

whoever thinks that is just a fanboy wishing that the wii sells less.. the wii has alot of good games schedule for 2008 and in my opinion will sell more system this year then last year

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