Blu-ray gaining upper hand over HD DVD, say Taiwan manufacturers

Jimmy Hsu, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DigiTimes [Monday 7 January 2008]

In response to Warner Bros. Entertainment's January 4 press release that it has decided to release its high-definition disc titles exclusively in Blu-ray Disc (BD) format beginning later this year, leading Taiwan-based optical disc drive (ODD) makers generally hold the opinion that Warner Bros.' support could be a key factor in deciding the battle between BD and HD DVD in favor of BD.

Lite-On IT, BenQ, Asustek Computer and Quanta Storage, leading Taiwan-based makers of PC-use ODDs, have offered BD-ROM drives, BD burners and BD Combo drives but have not yet offered models supporting HD DVD formats, implying their choice between BD and HD DVD, the sources pointed out.

Lite-On IT and Philips have set up a joint venture, Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions, in Taiwan and Lite-On IT is to support BD because Philips is a charter member of the BD Association, the sources indicated. Asustek has maintained cooperation with Pioneer while Quanta Storage has formed a technological alliance with Sony, meaning the two Taiwan-based makers are unlikely to support HD DVD because Pioneer and Sony belong to the BD group

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TANOD4034d ago

I think WARNERS made their decision after assessing the WHOLE PRAGMATIC SCENARIO of HD DVD vs BD battle

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yet it is marked as SPAM by the SBOT--Genuine

cant believe that ADMIN/MOD doesnt take steps against these .

Back to the STORY ---it is a good news actually

we can expect to see 100$ BENQ /ON LITE BD-DRIVES/RW DRIVES by mid 2008

d3l33t4034d ago

ADMIN/MOD doesn't exist on this site

mighty_douche4034d ago

i would of thought that to be quite obvious.

godofthunder104033d ago

i didn't care who won because they were the exact damn thing,br picture wasn't better as br fans was saying,hell i never hear that they had 2 different 1080p pictures.
the people that said the war isn't over better read is the winner and when the price comes down on the movies i'm buying a br player.

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Shaka2K64033d ago

Like an xbug 360 paid AAA game.
short and boring.

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