USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 31st Mar 2012


X360 - 54,968 (-5%)
3DS - 48,751 (-6%)
PS3 - 39,618 (-6%)
Wii - 31,566 (-8%)
PSV - 22,883 (-10%)
DS - 11,294 (-10%)
PSP - 3,742 (-17%)


1: (X360) Mass Effect 3 - 57,894
2: (X360) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - 55,750
3: (X360) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - 50,663
4: (PS3) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 - 48,125
5: (X360) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 - 48,080
6: (Wii) Just Dance 3 - 46,156
7: (PS3) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - 40,087
8: (Wii) Zumba Fitness - 36,861
9: (3DS) Kid Icarus: Uprising - 32,597
10: (X360) NBA 2K12 - 32,385

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Dante1123021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Everything dropped. The PS3 seems to be scaling close the 360 though (360 only pushed 15k more) and the Vita's hanging smooth despite it's $250 price tag.

TekoIie3020d ago

PSV's competition is doubling its sales tho. But then again Vita has pretty much only just been released so i guess we gotta wait a few years to see some real games come out for it.

3020d ago
IQUITN4G3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

MS must be happy with how they are each week here in America. Japan although exceptionally good at writing some great games is not something these days a good majority of players are interested in and so it's rather less of deal i would think 360 not peforming there for MS. Behind a little in Europe but overal they're in great shape. The world sales tend to look bad perhaps for MS but all considering, i'm sure they're happier than Sony is

JoeReno3020d ago

Wow, I think I've lowered my intellect reading this trash comment. Maybe English is a second language for you so I don't fault you for that, but the trolling is unacceptable.

yabhero3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I think Microsoft wants you to hop off..

Digimortal3020d ago

Sweet, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City still on that list for both systems. Good it deserves his sales.

TekoIie3020d ago

Im suprised it sold better on xbox :0. Didnt RE5 sell better on ps3? I just thought the fans of the franchise were mainly on the ps3...

Digimortal3020d ago

It's about Even i think. I could be wrong.

TekoIie3020d ago

yeh theres not much of a differeence at all but its still strange. Then again these are just the US sales and the xbox has a dominance there so worldwide sales are probably much different.

MaxXAttaxX3020d ago

It's because it's a shooter not a Resident Evil game.

Not hard at all to figure out.

TheUnbiasedLion3020d ago

American 360 owners STOP BUYING MW3.

Bad people bad bad bad.

CaptainofCrush3020d ago

It's like this, you either smoke or you get smoked.

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