Bill Gates Breaks Hearts of Xbox Fans

At the CES over the past week, Bill Gates gave some good news for Xbox 360 owners. Was it the new Xbox 360 Ultimate , the answer........No.

Stated from the IGN website:
"Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division, gave 360 geeks one small cheer, announcing that MGM and Disney have agreed to release content on Xbox Live Marketplace."

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kerwin20054027d ago

I think MGM is going to add one of my favorite movie's Of Mice and Men

BrianC62344027d ago

Why would Xbots want the Ultimate to be released? It would just be another expensive 360 they'd have to buy and the built-in HD DVD drive would be an orphaned format soon. IT wouldn't be good for movies or games. This is actually good news for them.

gamesR4fun4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

didnt even know that meant me n bill were going steady...
well still doesnt hurt has long has the wife doesnt find out...

Seriously tho no one promised a big 360 announcement heck most 360 owners dont even know about the ces and couldnt care less about BG they just want to play games...

Sure his last keynote speech wasnt has huge has most of us thought it would be but then again like he said repeatably they are raking in the dough so do they really need to impress us?

edit lol fixed dunno how those extra h's snuck in there ;)
But heres something for your kind gramaticle intervention

BrianC62344027d ago

GamesR4fun - Why do you keep spelling as with an h? It's as, not has.

InMyOpinion4027d ago

I did'nt like the idea of the Ultimate 360 at all so I'm happy they aren't going to release it.

Crazyglues4027d ago

I think they had it, and decided not to go with it in the last few days because of what has happened with the blu-ray war, and big movie studio's going blu-ray.

So they really had no choice after that but to cancel it.

killax35634027d ago

Oh big fvcking deal, Disney and MGM are going to release movies on Xbox Live. Movies that you can only watch within 24 hours.

Lame a$$ Bill Gates at it again. First, Vista now this crap.

Go back to giving your money to charities Bill. Lame boy.

ry-guy4027d ago

Eh, the Ultimate 360 was just a rumour that Microsoft kept coming out (uncharacteristic of them mind you) and saying they had no plans for new SKUs. It had nothing to do with the BluRay snagging Warner, remember Microsoft has a large share in WB and voted yes. If they had this Ultimate SKU in the pipe they would've voted no and been vocal about it. It was just a rumour that sprouted legs and ran...

Caxtus7504027d ago

"suspecting that Microsoft would license 360 technology to manufacturers so that any hardware device could include the ability to play Xbox games. Neither became reality Sunday night."

What about buying the console through BT? which will have added set top features?

That was announced.

danarc4027d ago

Of mice and men is a really good film, seen it a few months ago :)

I think hes made Xbox fans happy to be honest, it hasnt screwed all those people who got an Elite for Christmas.

DethWish4027d ago

What exactly is lame with giving money to charities...?

Spinitus4026d ago

"mice& men" is one of the best books I've read, and i hate reading books.

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Dr Pepper4027d ago

Why would that break my heart? Him announcing an xbox 360 "Ultimate" would only piss me off.

the worst4027d ago

MGM and Disney
Xbox Live Marketplace
wow im jumping out my pants
this is so funny
lolololololololololololololol ol

Kleptic4027d ago

haha yeah...

why does the media act like that is what the fans/owners want to hear?

if I was an Xbox 360 owner I would be hoping for stuff online play...even more XBL content...upcoming games...a "case" or whatever for normal SATA 3.5" drives...even better 3rd party exclusive support...confirmed growth and system life span increases...etc...

not a new 360 SKU that blows my current box out of the water...or even worse, a new Xbox altogether...

that goes for Sony also...don't tell me about a new SKU...tell me about improved PSN support...upcoming firmwares and features...Home release date...upcoming games...etc...

that is what owners most likely want to hear...I don't think there are a lot of MS "fans" that are sitting around waiting for yet another version of the 360...what they have now is all that is needed this bring the features...that goes for both companies...and Nintendo can employ a media lock on the Wii altogether...making it illegal to talk about the Wii in any sense...I won't mind...I don't want to hear about that little white thing anymore...

KS19854027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )


That is depending on the person.

Some 360 owners would be happy to get HD Disney & MGM movies for their console despite them being Blu-Ray exclusives.

Or for really hardcore 360 owner, who want to see other consoles fail (because they'er jealous of their power or originality [if that is spelled right]) than that is bad news for them.

BLUR1114027d ago

what u espect from the richest man in the world this and i doubt this broke hearts of anyone this is just lame news

Kleptic4027d ago

I don't care what anyone says...MS is in trouble now with their "home media" control that they originaly were touting...while the 360 never really was a device for much more than games...this download full HD movies from XBL will never take off without a complete release of the HDD holds they now have implemented...

HDD's for the 360 are a complete rip off...forcing you to pay nearly double for the exact same speed and space as whats available to PCs and the PS3...and that is a crucial element when going up against BD now...

it probably is true that HD DVD was never much more of a deterant to Sony for the most part, as far as MS was concerned...but with everyone now saying "well downloadable media is the future anyway"...maybe...but its not anywhere near as close as some are making it out to be...this MGM/Disney stuff I good for movie fans I guess, that also own a 360...but it will never come close to sales of DVD or BD physical media offered by those studios...not when a full HD movie is going to take up nearly a 1/3rd of the Elite's HDD right now...

no idea why I am ranting about this...if anything I was hoping for the rumored case that some sites were hinting at...that allowed 360 owners to drop a 3.5" drive into a thing that then mounted onto the top of the 360...without something like that, XBL may fall harder than HDDVD has a movie format...

Vojkan4027d ago


Go buy superior console and format, come on......come it....

Why xbots hate Sony so much, why you guys have so much hate for Sony? Not cool. Be like us PS3 fans, we dont hate.

jaja14344027d ago


Sometimes I don't ignore people just because I patiently wait for them to lose that last bubble...

Vojkan4027d ago

Get a life^. "Bubbles???"-buahaha go get laid or something.

BulletToothtony4027d ago

the biggest news were that xbox live is spreading its downloading content getting tv shows from disney and abc, that is great news.

But man that goes A LONG FREAKING WAY from an xbox360 "Ultimate" i mean come on, 2 weeks or rumors about the ultimate on n4g and people arguing about it, and some people were even almost sure that the ultimate is coming,

this goes to show that us as gamers really got to be smart and dont buy into all this rumors crap that is getting out of control, that a bunch of sites come up with just to get some more traffic,

BrianC62344027d ago

Don't believe rumors. The same thing happened with the PS3. For a long time rumors said the 2.0 system update would include XMB in-game access. Sony never said it. When it didn't happen a lot of people blew up at Sony. But they never promised it. Microsoft never promised the Ultimate. Rumors are lame actually.