Wii version of Twilight Princess completely mirrored to make Link right handed

The Wii version of Twilight Princess has been reportedly flipped so that it is a complete mirror of the Gamecube version.

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Donkey Slayer5850d ago

but that is lame as hell..

I'm not much into reading faqs, but it's going to cause some headaches for this crap, haha

PS360WII5850d ago

I like the idea. So Wii and Gamecube Zeldas while the same are still different in the way the game is set up. Sweets!

FlamingTide5850d ago

I liked it when Link was a gamecube exclusive. It's just killed the magic having it on the wii. Mirroring the whole game? Im sure they will be bugs involved (like writting on signs or something like that) a bit extream imo

BigPimpin5850d ago

Instead of doing like they did, they should of gave the option for left-handed and right-handed instead of just one. I'm left-handed, so I guess that screws me lol :(

BlindPublic5850d ago

As far as being left-handed you should be used to companies screwing you.

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