Sorcery 'Re-Announcement' trailer is all about the MOVE

Considering how long Sorcery has been in development and how long it has been since it was first announced, you can understand why they named this trailer the ‘Re-announcement’ trailer.

The video is a recap of what Sorcery is all about, living in a magical world and casting spells and fighting off goblins and ghouls with your Playstation Move controller. The game is set to launch on May 22, and to get everyone in the magical spirit, developers at ‘The Workshop’ have put together the following trailer.

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DigitalRaptor3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

The live-action Move demonstration and the cheesy narration doesn't really sell it, imo. It just makes it look cheesy.

They should've gone with a CG story trailer with the same gameplay snippets as were shown here. The game looks really good gameplay-wise and graphically. They need to sell it better.

t0mmyb0y3016d ago

I agree. It looks A LOT better than the first trailer, but I still liked the first one point of view.

Tai_Kaliso3016d ago

I admit I bought a Move because of this game back at E3 a couple of years ago, but to me its shaping up to be the "Kinect Star Wars" of the Move.

Now don't get me wrong, I am actually finding Kinect Star Wars to be fun, but I feel that Sorcery is going to end up getting average scores and we'll see a ton of trolling in every single review the way we've seen the Kinect Star Wars ones.

I'm not loving the box art or how different the game looks compared to what we first saw, and this commercial smacks of casual gaming.

DigitalRaptor3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

Let's start from the beginning. Ever since Kinect Star Wars was announced people were mocking it - whether it was because of the faked demo, general skepticism towards Kinect, the laggy underwhelming previews, the cringe worthy announcement of dancing, or the final word that the game is not what it was set up to be in most people's minds. The people that were excited for it were only excited by the license name and where their imagination took them.

Since the announcement of Sorcery people were excited by what was actually shown and the potential of the Move in gameplay scenarios, and if you notice the crowd reaction at E3 people were pretty damn impressed even if it was just a kinda generic looking Harry Potter dungeon crawler. Then it disappeared for a year or so and re-appeared looking pretty nifty and much better than it was when it was first shown. They seem to have done a solid job on the Move controls and the graphics and scope look a lot more impressive than the previous gameplay demos.

No-one was expecting it to be a truly amazing game, and I still don't believe it will be. The only harsh criticism I think Sorcery will get from reviewers is its supposed length and the fact that the characters and story might not be fleshed out enough. I think it will get a decent amount of praise though for the Move controls. So basically, no I don't think it will be torn apart like Kinect Star Wars has been. It's not really what I'd call an embarrassment.

And... the box art is not being reviewed fortunately. The commercial makes the game look like it's aimed at casuals, kinda, but the game looks like something both groups could enjoy. It's looked that way since it was announced!

Re: the trolling in Kinect Star Wars review articles. I think you're mistaking genuine trolling with what has been honest opinion from those who think the game is terrible and agree with the reviews as well as those who are offended by another abomination in the Star Wars franchise.

Tai_Kaliso3016d ago

Well from the original gameplay shown at E3 for Sorcery a couple of years ago the game has totally been redone from what I understand. it also sports around a 6 hour campaign now.

Originally the game was supposed to be dark, gritty and violent and now its very generic looking and kid friendly. If its good than its good, I'm hoping its good personally because I'll be buying it.

As for the trolling in the Kinect Star Wars review threads, it was flat out trolling, if you checked the majority of the people who commented you'd see overwhelming Sony support and 90% of the people commenting most likely never owned a Kinect and never even played Kinect Star Wars.

I even sent out messaged to people to play the game with over XBL and got no responses. A good majority of the people complaining were bitching about the dance mode, which was not even a prominent game mode and they were making the game out to be a collections of party games or mini games, which it wasn't. It featured story modes and even the dance part was story centric.

Anyway, I don't wish for any games to fail, especially ones I am buying. So I'm hoping for the best for Sorcery, but you get what you give, so some of these PS3 fanboys invading Kinect Star Wars threads should be prepared for the same.