Nyko Wireless Nunchuck (Video)

At CES 2008, Molly Wood takes a look at the Nyko Wireless Nunchuck, a new gaming accessory for the Wii.

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player9114030d ago

Its about time. I HATED the wire between the Wiimote and the Nunchuck, especially if you used the wrist strap because you were "tied" to your controller and couldn't easily put it down/pick it up.

I just hope that they match the original plastic better so it matches and have an option to use a wrist strap on the nunchuck as well (because you flick the nunchuck as well).

Great times though.

andygoterps4030d ago

I almost broke my nunchuck wire by pulling too far on it. The only downside is that you can lose it more easily because it is not attachd the the controller itself.