Sony Shares Rise & Toshiba's Fall @ Stock Exchange After Warner's Change

Sony Corp. shares rose in Tokyo after Time Warner Inc., the world's largest publisher of DVD titles, chose to adopt the Japanese company's Blu-ray format over Toshiba Corp.'s technology.

The world's second-largest consumer electronics maker climbed 0.9 percent to 5,840 yen at 12:44 p.m. on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Toshiba, the rival HD DVD standard's leading promoter, fell 2.5 percent to its lowest in more than nine months.

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sonarus4030d ago

poor toshiba. Just throw in the towel now and STOP LOSING Money. Its that simple. Sony will cut a deal sure you want get a lot out of the deal since ur the loser but thats business but at this point toshiba should jst give up so i dnt have to feel sorry for them anymore

Lord Anubis4030d ago

they killed themselves and the potential market by lowering the price of the player by so much. Lowering the price meant other companies wouldn't follow because there would be a diminutive business. The consumer wants lower price but if the company doesn't make profit they loose interest.

They should give up with their head up before Paramounts buys it self back to the profitable side. Universal is a different story since they have a share in HD-DVD.

ROFLatYoFace4030d ago

The stock market would hurt them, because I would not want to buy toshiba shares if they're fighting a loosing battle, but with sony's PS3, BLU-RAY, OLED, Nintendo WII's, and a company like Samsung around, why O-Why would I not sell my stock and invest in those companies instead of a company that is just begging to loose money, and screw their shareholders

neogeo4030d ago

6 months ago the Mart said this.

"Sony is at high risk of going out of businsess with bluray and PS3"

Gears is the only great game of 2007

"DVD is enough with 50-1 compression bluray is a waist of space that will never get used"

Kyur4ThePain4030d ago

Sony DID risk a lot by including Blu-Ray in the PS3 (not enough to risk going out of busniess, though), but all indications are that the risk is going to pay handsome dividends for them.

The rest is his usual [email protected]

RudeSole Devil4030d ago

Heres the memo you missed dic_khead....

Shaka2K64030d ago

Sony is the number one company in the world SFTU.

toshi toshi we hardly knew knew what do you do again?
sell electronics?

*checks house*

nothing toshi.

killer_trap4030d ago

i'm not sure about this but i think samsung is the number one electronic look at my room makes me think that.

tatotiburon4030d ago

man and i was hoping that since the war was over the format news were over as well...i was wrong, the fanboys will posting this thing until a AAA PS3 game come out

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The story is too old to be commented.