What is 0x10c?

The creator of the hit video game Minecraft has revealed the first details of his follow-up project

Markus "Notch" Persson said the game was provisionally titled 0x10c, space-themed and set in the distant future.

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LightofDarkness2385d ago

Actually it's the hex representation of the number 16. Probably because the game features an emulated 16-bit computer.

Perjoss2385d ago

Nice thanks for that, I've heard some crazy stuff about the emulated computer, like how you can program your ship to do stuff with code. It's a brilliant idea as long as it does not leave us non coders too far behind :P

I get the feeling if the game is good quite a few people who never coded before will dabble in some coding! Reminds me of games that come with level editors or driving games with track design tools, as people that would never have thought of doing something creative suddenly find themselves doing some really cool stuff.

Moentjers2385d ago


Number of players that can connect to one session ?