Video: Sony's 27-inch OLED leave jaws open

Engadget reports Sony is showing a 27-inch OLED at CES that's about as thick as two credit cards stacked together?

Sony's already offering up an 11-inch version for those with cash to burn, but this one's not nearly as ready to sneak into your home.

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Cyrus3654027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Wow, that just sick, now this won't be out in the immediate future at affordable prices, even at upper end of plasma/LCD, but the image is striking.

I wonder how much a 40 inch+, would go for, consider the 11inch version goes for 2500.

So does that mean 40inch your looking at 10 G's possibly.

TANOD4027d ago

1000 000:1 contrast ratio!!!!!!!!

so that has to be incredible

MILLION :1 vs 10 000:1 in most contemporary TVs

bourner4027d ago

way more than 10k more like 50k

DRUDOG4027d ago

Do your homework bourner...

I read recently that the only reason why the 1M to 1 ratio is used is because instruments do not exist to measure higher than that. Sony has stated that they believe the OLEDs are closer to 1.2M to 1. Sign me up for the 60 inch when it releases at an affordable price.

Texas GMR4027d ago

some kind of lowjack or GPS tracking system in that baby. Theft will be made simple with how lite that thing is.

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MUNKYPOO4027d ago

cant wait to see what other stuff they have. this is great stuff

sonarus4027d ago

That looks mad futuristic. I gotta say quite impressed. Hopefully the costs for these go down quickly but thats definetly something i would like to install in my wall in about...10 yrs lol

wAtdaFck4027d ago

I remember when blu ray players were over a thousand dollars and when the PS3 was a third more expensive than it was then.

I'll give OLED about 2 years before it really gets affordable :D

Cyrus3654027d ago

Wow just read the Samsung 32 inch OLED TV that they have on display would cost in the 15 000 - 20 000 range, if they were to sell it today, and i figure just to break even.

Like Sony is doing with the 11inch OLED.

travelguy2k4027d ago

I worked in an electronics retail store (futureshop) and Plasma back then was $14,000 and we could special order like 2 models. With this logic i this in 4 years we will see this at a reasonable price, as they do have to milk LCD and Plasma a bit more.

Brian52474027d ago

Is already kicking ass in 2008!

WilliamRLBaker4027d ago

lol by rushing out a barely working 11 inch OLED just to say hey we did it first where as the first version samsung comes out with that works better then the 11 inch sony one? 32 inches lol.

Many companies we're working on OLED before sony and sony rushed so they could be first.

EastCoastSB4027d ago

Barely working? Did you pull that one out of your ass? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.