Michael Bay insults HD DVD fanboys

Michael Bay comments on his blog:

"I know the look, color, and sounds on my own movies better they anyone in the world. I color-time every single image, and am there for every single audio tweak. I see my films in the editing and final process no less then a 100 times. I know ever single nuance.

For some dick wads on these posts who think I can't make an informed choice on what format in the end, has the truer results for my own films. Well you where to shove.... My films finished in Blu-Ray are better - more true.

Hd is better than DVD, but just not as good as Blu-Ray. So buying a Transformers Hd is still the best you will see this movie as of today. But when Paramount caves for Blu-Ray in the future - This will happen, then you will see Transformers one day finished in Blu-Ray and I will sure be able to tell the difference."

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Darkiewonder4029d ago

Di** Wad? O.o

Those are fighting words.


yeah ,bay just sh1tted on hddvd owners.

drewdrakes4029d ago

lol Both use the same codecs and compressions. How could they possibly look different unless on different systems? It makes no sense.

Antiomo4029d ago

Less compression on both sound and video.

Darkiewonder4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

for video quality is VC-1 while the rest of Disney, sony etc. latest movies is MP4-AVC.

And then the audio is much different. They've half-cooked it for the blu-ray version. not giving them the full sound.

GRRiMREEAPeR4029d ago

hoestly why is this guy getting so much publicity?? His Transformors SUCKED... and hes the D1CKWAD for being so opinionated when he has done a terrible job wit the movie.... damn this guy isnt Speilberg, Scorcase, Spike, or the Peter Jackson guy.... Damn can we stop giving this guy a thread everytime he effing farts?

TheSadTruth4029d ago

Michael Bay only cares about money and his movies reaching a wider audience (more money again) so it's obvious why he says crap like Blu-Ray having superior visual fidelity when they are identical in visual quality... I guess there's a good reason for him being a joke amongst his peers.

pompoms4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Only for D1ck Weeds, lol

rob60214029d ago

I'm sick of people saying there is no difference between Blu ray and HD-DVD quality. Blu Is better(Bay knows this). On Blu-RAy you get 50GB on HD-DVD you get 30GB, This equals higher average Bit-rates on movies for better picture and the space also allows for less compression on sound. If you watch a Hi-def movie you will notice differences of quality during outdoor action scenes compared to indoor slow scenes, The main reason is cause the bit-rate cranks up during these scenes. You get more space the more bitrate you can use throughout the movie, and less compression, which equals better quality. Bay knows his his ****. I don't care if transformer's sucked.

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Bonsai12144029d ago

being arrogant and stuck up is the only way to get ahead in today's dog eat dog world. kudos to michael bay.

Vojkan4029d ago

We all know (yes even HDDVD so called fanboys, i call them Sony no sayers, even if Sony invented machine that turns your dump into gold they would still say no) that Blue Ray is KING.

Hahah Sony rulez

TANOD4029d ago

He is never afraid to speak his heart out

However anyway lets stop the rant since the format war is NOW OVER

nice_cuppa4029d ago

i ain't finding it though as i don't care enough.

it's a good movie and if he want's to go blu good for him.

i have a ps3 so if i need his movies i will get em when their out.

i think he is being an ass though.

TANOD4029d ago

Miuchael comments on HD DVD's defeat was posted before

NOW he is commenting on HD DVD owners on page 8 of the thread WHICH TALKED ABOUT HD DVD 's defeat

Omegasyde4029d ago

the fanboy came to his own personall blog and attacked him.

Why wouldn't he be a d***? It "his space" a.k.a cyber home.

Hatchetforce4029d ago

Well he is right about one thing. Toshiba can say they are not dead yet. But so did some others.