Microsoft CES Keynote Overview - Utterly Underwhelming

You've read Loot Ninja's Live Blog of Microsoft's CES Keynote, now here's the impressions. What a waste of time. No product announcements, no talk of what we can expect over the next year. It was an hour long boast session. "Look what we did".

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Darkiewonder4035d ago

If they want something game related wait for GDC.

This is more of Windows Software. Surface and Sync was cute. Zune stuff was hot too. Oh, and Mediaroom!

Douchebaggery4035d ago

I think you expect too much from people

actas1234035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Well, MS said they are going to announce something big at this CES conference.. I guess that was the BT deal and the more movies coming.. I don't know why someone would consider this "big news".
I wasted almost half an hour listening to a guy (not bill gates) that sounds looks and acts like a car salesman more than a big shot at the biggest software company in the world.. I think MS deserve better representatives. They need more people like Bill Gates..

Charlie26884035d ago

you mean "If they want something game related primarily aimed at other developers with game production and designed wait for GDC"?

cuz with out the whole dev aimed thing is basically "wait for E3"

sonarus4035d ago

the confrence was alright thought the guitar hero scene at the end was extremely lame considering we didnt actually get to see bill play. Thought it was quite LAME indeed. The tech stuff was pretty impressive so really can't complain. Can't say i expected any more than that.

RudeSole Devil4035d ago

You idiot. Microsoft introduced the original Xbox at CES, and they spok about Xbox live for over 20 mins. If you had any idea bill end the conference with Guitar Hero. Your a retard fanboy.... 8=====>

killax35634034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Lets face it, Warner Brothers (by going Blu) gave Toshiba and Microsoft both black eyes. It puts both companies in compromising positions competively (the next Xbox will likely have a Blu-ray drive).

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xplosneer4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

The whole point wasn't gaming, but they did tread some ground I already knew about.

mikeslemonade4034d ago

It's really a chain reaction that will cause the 360 to have a bad year compared to 2007.

xhi44035d ago

wait for GDC thatll be gun. By the way when is it?

Clinton5144035d ago

CES isn't E3 or any other gaming event. :| I thought you guys were well informed gamers.

eLiNeS4035d ago

The fools that run it SPAM there crap here and comment on it with all there friends to make it have buzz when it's utter CRAP!!! They turn stuff around and post false information and they should be banned from this site for good.

RudeSole Devil4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Would be a good place to introduce the much speculated box Ultimate? And why did bill end with Guitar Hero, oh yea because CES is not a gaming event. Your an IDIOT 8====>

Clinton5144035d ago

Learn how to spell before insulting people.

TheHater4035d ago

This is CEC, and is about Electronic. But i was actually expecting a new Xbox360 from MS. Maybe the games will come tomorrow

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The story is too old to be commented.