Battlefield 3 PC Server Fix Update coming next week, AA missiles fix will be included

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we informed you about a server fix update that was released on consoles. Well, good news everyone as Gustav Halling has revealed that this update will - most probably - hit PCs next week."

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AllroundGamer3016d ago

too little too late DICE, just look at the battlelog in the latest patch comments section (at this time there are 16551 comments, from which are 90% negative), almost everonye wants some DICE heads rolling for this mess what you did with BF3...

fossilfern3016d ago

Good hope it fixes the stinger I was literally 5 feet behind a heli copter that didnt take off and my Igla wouldnt lock on! Then when it was about to lock on he was too far away!