Sony Claims Blu-ray vs. HD DVD Gap To Widen

Sony has said that its Blu-ray format will pull further ahead of HD DVD in the coming year. Speaking at CES 2008 in Las Vegas, Randy Waynick, senior vice president of Sony's home products division said: "Blu-ray discs outsold HD DVD discs in North America by two to one this year. In 2008 that gap will just widen."

Waynick praised Warner Brothers' decision to stop supporting HD DVD and said that the move was "in response to consumer demand".

Sir Howard Stringer, chairman and CEO, Sony Corporation also praised the decision.

"All of us at Sony are feeling blu today, but that's a good feeling around here," he said. "I want to thank Warner Brothers for making the decision."

Stringer went on to say that the move was in the long-term interest of the consumer.

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Bill Gates4028d ago

Also the Butt holes of the BABOONS will widen too once M$ is completely done with them.....AHAHAHHHAHHAAHAHAHAHH AHHAHAH

PirateThom4028d ago

Considering Blu-ray has all the movies... *slow clap*

IntelligentAj4028d ago

Of course this is going to happen. There is little to no support for HD-dvd.

RonDeMuerte4028d ago

Because if I were them I'd be yelling out VICTORY and I'd be letting the world know that HD-DVD is dead!!!!!

Shaka2K64028d ago

buried in 2008.

also x360 is dead world wide only time to buried that POS too.

this will be a good year for Sony.

Sony wins again.

RudeSole Devil4028d ago

Xbox 360 is far from dead, thank god Microsoft didn't introduce the Xbox Ultimate that might have killed the Xbox. PS3 is now very much alive and probably will win the console war after WB announcement.

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The story is too old to be commented.