Maybe You Really DO Like Windows Vista

It's not hard picking up on the disregard most of you hold Windows
Vista in. It normally pops up three comments into any PC gaming-related post. So Vista-flavoured hatorade addicts will be crushed to hear that according to Bill Gates, as of right now, Microsoft have managed to subject 100 million PCs (well..."licensees") to it's new Operating System. That's a lot. Actually, it's so many that, according to the law of averages, many of you will be running Vista. Perhaps this information will prompt you to emerge from hiding, quit the self-hate and admit that, deep down, you actually prefer it to XP.

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gamesR4fun4028d ago

vista is why I went too ubuntu with beryl it not only looks better but it works so much better. Still use xp for my 32 bit os since its solid and has the most compatible software...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4028d ago

Well have fun with that XP for the next 10 years, if it's supported that long. Windows moves forward and it always has, don't like it well you got Linux to choose from.

Lord Anubis4028d ago

eh, they are in every new PC.



they are forced upon new buyers.

Charlie26884028d ago

I have a lot hate relationship with Vista, the OS starts VERY overwhelming but as you get to know it its easier, there are some features you find very cool, some features you might fall in love with and maybe some functionalities you find you wont be able to leave...BUT then comes some half baked features and other features that you wonder way the hell were they implemented in the first place and other things that seem to be a step back from XP and then comes the worse part about compatibility and the F-CKING BSOD

dont get me wrong Vista is not as bad as it was on launch the updates have helped but it is till FAR from being the next XP at least its not the next Millennium >.> (Vista actually works compared to that one)

ravinash4028d ago

"You really DO like windows vista". is this MS telling you what you want again.

heyheyhey4028d ago

yep and we know comes from that:

"hey guys you dont need high storage capacity disks and good heatsinks"

what happens? RROD and lost odyssey on 4 disks

basically for gaming vista sucks because all you get extra is dx10 and in return you have to have a LOT more resources then you would need if you were to run a game on XP. also dx10 might be coming to XP and there is a hack enabling dx10 on XP

ravinash4028d ago

yeah, and don't NEED downloadable movies from our LIVE network, so we've going to flush the HD formats down the toilet so your forced to buy from us.

yeah, thanks Bill.

WilliamRLBaker4028d ago

i have no problem with vista like every past OS since 95 it took time to get used too and turn off certain options and turn on others, so far my Install is running exactly like windows XP does i've turned off all the built in crap, and run my own stuff (firewall, virus..ect) and it runs great.

Simply put vista will be the new OS and every one knows its, its exactly like every past windows OS once u use it get used it it works great and once the first service pack launches and they tweak every thing it will work fast.

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The story is too old to be commented.