Prediction: HD DVD Not Dead, Toshiba Will Produce Dual Format HD Players

Gizmodo reports:

We snagged a second with Wolfgang Schlichting, IDC's research director for removable storage, to ask what the picture looks like for HD DVD. His thoughts? HD DVD isn't dead yet. Toshiba will probably produce dual format players (Blu-ray and HD DVD) and differentiate with HD DVD-only on the low-end.

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TANOD4567d ago


The BD rom for PC is available for <200$

the PS3 might be reduced to 350$

the standalone drive costs as low as 270$ .

why would i go for a DUAL FORMAT drive?

why would i go for it? is over

However you could make money by making some BD drives

You have a good reputation.

PLEASE dont lose it. whats gone is gone

actionjackson4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

I'm confused. In order for them to release a BR/HD-DVD combo drive, they have to get approval from the BR disc association, for certification. Why would BDA ever allow for this? Even though other companies make dual players, Toshiba owns the HD-DVD format. Wouldn't they just want to suffocate the format by suffocating the company that made the format? What Toshiba is saying is a bit unreal.

BrianC62344567d ago

Action - I can see Blu-ray approving it. If Toshiba makes a dual format drive it means they admitted they lost. It wouldn't sell of course. Smart consumers would see what it means. Blu-ray won. It would be a way for Toshiba to transition to Blu-ray players though.

wallace10004567d ago

I hate to say this but i acutally agree with TANOD, please don't take my bubbles away :-P (@TANOD i am just kidding around dude, i would like to think we are all friends here). You are right though, a combo drive would be too pricey. They should just start making blu-ray players and make some coin there. If they could produce a profile 2.0 player for the price of the A30 that would be cool. I like the look of the panasonic bd50 but it includes a lot of stuff a guys like me wouldn't need (dolby 5.1 reciever). I would love the profile 2.0 but i would also be paying for lots of stuff i wouldn't use. I will probably go with the bd30, that is a nice unit.

jaja14344567d ago


Aside from the fact that licensing the tech. to them would earn Sony money I'm pretty sure it is illegal for them to deny such request.

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INehalemEXI4567d ago

Its not dead its reduced to a symbiote and blu ray is now the host lol.

Lord Anubis4567d ago

Toshiba became the Ghoul?

And Sony the Ancient?

wallace10004567d ago

Fantastic! Stargate is awesome, best tv show out there. Plus it is filmed close by, good old Canada.

crazy250004567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

toshiba needs to be realistic...just stop this hd dvd thing, its only preventing more people from getting high definition movies

TANOD4567d ago

Toshiba is also a very reknowned company and even they can make a huge amount of money by making BD drives

Toshiba's products are almost as good as SONY's

wallace10004567d ago

They do make some nice products, i put them just behind sony, samsung, and sharp for tvs. Granted sony and samsung make their panels at the same factory :-P

Fighter4567d ago

They had a bad CES showing for HD DVD including from their two studio supporters. It's over man. Warner made the right choice for everyone.

Hatchetforce4567d ago (Edited 4567d ago )

"I'm not dead yet!" Right. Now lay down.

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