First 360 IPTV Partner Announced

British Telecom will be the first cable provider to allow you to buy an Xbox 360 that can be used as a set-top box for IPTV, Robbie Bach announced tonight during Bill Gates' CES keynote.

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nice_cuppa4028d ago

this should not depend on who you get your broadband from.

guess i will continue to use my pc.

Primetimebt4028d ago

So instead of getting a digital cable box I get a 360 and got to pray it doesn't break are I might be out of cable for day, or week.

eLiNeS4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

my cable providers boxes I have been getting since Time Warner took over Comcast have more problem then my Xbox 360 ever will, so I would take a Xbox 360 any day over the crap I have from my cable provider!!! Plus I can use it to play some of the best AAA games around!!!

Genuine4028d ago

The 360 doesn't break constantly like sony fanboys would like for people to believe.

My launch system ringed out after a year and a half. With the 3 year warranty I sent my 360 in, 2 weeks later I got a brand new 360 in the mail. What did sony do about the 3 ps2's I went through in 4 years? Not a damn thing.

eLiNeS4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

what Robbie Bach said about 45 min. into the speech, "this is not a hobby for M$"! There in this to win is basically what he's saying and I don't mean the format war or put anyone else out of business but to be a piece of the pie we all eat from.

This is good news for the Xbox 360 fanboys. M$ will be around for a loooooong time and each year it's only going to get better. Sure, there are bumps on the way (live as of late) but they will get through'em and make a system and network that will be as good or better then any other console on the market or in the future. M$ is here to stay!!!

actas1234028d ago

Actually that is not really great news. Its good news though. Its not a major thing.. a great news would have been that MS made a deal with BT and other cable companies to sell them 360 to use it as their official cable boxes. Unfortunately that is not the case..

Genuine4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Cable providers distributing 360's as set top cable boxes is huge news. I don't see what is stopping cable companies from renting or including a 360 as part of a package. Once they purchase the console from MS, they can choose how they want to market it.

Genuine4028d ago

When Media Room is released in the U.K., let us "across the pond" in on some details, if you wouldn't mind. I'm excited about getting the service here in the U.S.

bigshynepo4028d ago

Umm..isn't this something that the Playstation 3 announced months ago for Europe? And can't the PS3 also do DVR functions?

This was a horrible CES press conference. Microsoft obviously had their eggs in one basket with HD-DVD and when that went down, Microsoft had to come with that expanded, dull, lame presentation.

I stopped playing Warhawk to watch this... what a waste of time.

Playstation 3 outsold Xbox 360 worldwide and at least tied it in North America. It's time is over, the Xbox fans need to upgrade to the next generation...

romaink4028d ago

do you even know what u're saying? IPTV has been in the works for years now, so why do you have to bring up what Sony just introduced?

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