Rumour: Wii U To Feature Haptic Feedback?

Could Nintendo be adding yet another exciting technology to the Wii U?

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Akuma-3401d ago

Wii u will not have haptic screen on the controller because its an unnecessary tech that will cost too much on an already expensive controller.

I think the wii u will cost 250-300 with specs a bit above the ps3 and xbox.

I'm a technophile so I'm looking forward to a console with high specs like the ps4 but ill definitely get a wii u because of its exclusive titles.

vortis3401d ago

It would be interesting to see the Wii U make use of the Senseg Haptic screen technology. That's some awesome stuff right there.

killasder3401d ago

Foreal thats an excitin feature

Khordchange3401d ago

someone explain what this tech is?

ozstar3401d ago


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