Massive Rumor: Ex-Rockstar Intern Leaks GTA V Info, Confirms Red Dead Rebellion, and More

DualShock Nexus: "We recently caught wind of a massive Grand Theft Auto V rumor and it's almost too good to be true."

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Emilio_Estevez3357d ago

That was a lot of text. I hope dude is prepared to never work in the industry. He gave up way too much info on himself, someone at R* could easily identify him. Letting loose a bunch of info would certainly hurt his chances at other big dev's. Loose lips sink ships. Assuming it's true of course, but not certain on that at all.

marioPSUC3357d ago

If this is real this guy could get into some deep legal shit with Rockstar for leaking this stuff. Which is why I don't think its true. Then again I don't really think any "leaked info" for GTA V is real, not atleast till we learn a little more about the game officially from rockstar.

benleescott3357d ago

It can't be real. I find it incredibly difficult to believe it's not just a teenager sat in his room trying to get as many hits as possible on his website, because of all the spelling and grammar errors.


and if it is real this guy is an idiot. He is the reason why this industry is turning into a rumour mill. I miss the days when you didnt get spoilers thrown at you, and almost every "leaked" info was rather a SURPRISE when you played the game. This is stupid.

Dee_913357d ago

In case it is indeed real can someone let me know if it contains spoilers before I read thanks (:

irepbtown3356d ago

Dude gave way too much personal info.
Seems legit though because of that, but for his own sake should have just gave the info and not what he is studying or worked as etc.

Some of the stuff sounds sweet though;
Interactive convertible tops,
Interactive headlights,
Heaps of vehicles
Flyable passenger planes and Jets.

I cant wait!!!!

poindat3356d ago

Hey guys, just so you know, this "leak" was copy-pasted directly from a post on the GTA Forums. It's more than likely fake.

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BrianC62343357d ago

That's why this is hard to believe. Is he that stupid? You don't give out details like that and expect to get a job anywhere. If he did do it he's dumb.

Angrymorgan3357d ago

I can't read it, the text has been blocked!
God dammit

F7U123357d ago

this is an intentional leak who's purpose is to start the hype train and nothing more.

moparful993357d ago

the whole full sail intern angle sounded like a cover.. I mean who would be so dumb to basically identify yourself before you divulge huge secrets about a game in development?

Jamzluminati3357d ago

If this is real I'll kill myself.

Especially the Vice City part. My body is not ready.

Wigriff3357d ago

Oh come-the-fuck on. This obviously isn't true; it's obviously an attempt to generate massive hits through subterfuge - and it worked. Over 1000 degrees? You know, it's like school-yard bullies: this problem will likely go away if everyone can just find the intestinal fortitude to ignore it. Stop reinforcing garbage.

Emilio_Estevez3357d ago

How are we to know it's fake if we don't look at it at least?

gedapeleda3356d ago

I like the cllassic rumor start: Ex eploye leaks stuff.

Koloss3356d ago

Yeah, who the hell would leak info and leave their name? Nobody unless they're stupid. This is more than likely fake. But damn, with what he said, I wish it wasn't.

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Jio3357d ago

I'll need a time machine to have enough time to play all these games

Perjoss3357d ago

They will never exist, otherwise someone would have come back to current time from the future and be all "guys look at my cool time machine"

I been watching too many movies.

Jio3357d ago

So you're saying I won't go back in time if I spin around really fast D:

pandaboy3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

not necessarily true if you consider the concept of a parallel universe. There is still hope for you Jio :) (albeit you wouldn't even realise within this universe that you did in fact have the time to play those games xD)

Treezy5043357d ago

What the hell is a jiggawatt?!

MysticStrummer3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Yup you have been watching too many movies. You should have been reading up on the subject instead. It is possible in theory to travel into the future without violating the laws of physics. The same can't be said about traveling to the past, so you can't make more time for yourself to play games or go back in time to show off your cool time machine.

Perjoss3357d ago

"Yup you have been watching too many movies. You should have been reading up on the subject instead."

nah, watching movies is much more fun.

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Starbucks_Fan3357d ago

Wow he's a ****ing graphic designer at Full Sail, which is one of the best schools in the U.S for going into the gaming industry and decides to do something this stupid?! I have a feeling this is fake.

AndrewE3357d ago

Pretty sure USC is the best.

GanjaMan3357d ago

funny thing is rockstar north (who make the GTA series) are based in the UK, so how the fuck could this guy get these details if he lives in the U.S?

Adityac3357d ago

They are located in UK and therefore they should at least come out with a GTA located in the UK itself.

Dan503357d ago

GTA London came out in the 90s.

hoju693357d ago

Actually, Full Sail is kind of a joke. I've known several people who have gone there and came out having a lot of trouble finding jobs because they just were not taught what employers looking for from a graphic designer. The best game school in the U.S. that isn't part of university would probably be DigiPen.

If this guy is for real, then he just committed career suicide. Something, that stuck me as off was how he spelled some words in a UK english spelling. Like I saw words like "customize" as "customise" several times. Pretty odd for a guy who claims to be originally from Miami.

TotalHitman3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Why does he feel the need to tell us his life story? I couldn't care less.

EDIT: Also, this sounds a bit too good to be true. Just about everything I would anticipate is rumoured here. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

LOL_WUT3357d ago

Red Dead Rebellion? Im liking the sound of that.

jizzyjones3357d ago

I thought RedDead Revolution was cooler but F**K I hope its true, Bully and RD are 2 of my favourite games ever.

dubt723357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I agree, both Red Dead and Bully are much more quality franchises than GTA to me.
Also, I think Red Dead Reckoning would have been great also, but KoA nabbed that one.

cjflora3357d ago

Yea, I could give a damn about GTA, I want some details on Red Dead Rebellion!