Microsoft: 360 on Track for Biggest Game Year in History

Robbie Bach says that the continuing success of the Xbox 360 is "another indication of the power of digital technology to transform the way people access and experience entertainment of all kinds."

Bach says that Microsoft sold 17.7 million consoles this season, surpassing their expectations and putting the 360 on track for the biggest year in video game history.


17.7 million shipped, not sold

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xhi44562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )


Its like toshiba saying "yeah were still strong, we got it covered".

2007 went to 360 no doubt. 2008, not too sure.

Xbox 360 Big Exclusives

Alan Awake (I must admit.......dayum)

Gears of War 2 (Maybe)

Viva Pinyata

Ninja Gaiden 2

Splinter Cell

Too Human

Fable 2

PS3 ---

The Getaway

Eight Days

Little Big Planet

Killzone 2

Resistance 2

Motorstorm 2

Tekken 6

Final Fantasy

Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal Gear Solid Online

Gran Turismo 5 and Prologue


The Agency

NBA 09

L.A. Noire



and with Blu-Ray coming out as the winner, if Home becomes as big as it is meant to be, Sonys new on demand video/music thing meant to rival apples Itunes. I must say, Sony is setting themselves up for a win.

toughNAME4562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

and say AT LEAST half of those will be delayed until 2009

The other half will just have regular Sony delays

xhi44562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

seriously. How weak is that.

"AT LEAST half of those will be delayed until 2009. The other half will just have regular sony delays"...............

mate half of them were delayed TO 2008...

weak bro. unbelievably weak.

@Blazin_Prophet.....i've just searched the internet, watched youtube videos and the only confirmed exclusives for 360 2008 are those, if anyone knows of any others be my guest. It looks like 2008 is sonys 2007's exclusive.......just a few less.

@tough_name so thats your point? Okay how bout we go down this list. The only one that was delayed was Home and Metal Gear Solid 4. Lets just say that your weak call of "yeah theyll be delayed so it doesnt matter" (which I personally find extremely humerous), lets say half do get delayed for some magical reason after three years of development for most of those games they decide to add another one on, then theres still way more than the 360 has. Im sorry mate, I own both and im fine with the lack of 360 games cause I'll only be getting alan awake.

Im gonna get the getaway, gta 4, l.a. noire, wardevil, eight days, final fantasy, metal gear solid, gran turismo etc. on my ps3 though......

I'm sorry i just find ignorance annoying. 2007 went to 360.....2008 seems like ps3 owns. simple. I believe sony's being saying that for a long time, their in it for their ten years (the long haul).

RonDeMuerte4562d ago

[email protected] unimpressive.......they have a weak line up for games in 2008, and there's pretty much nothing going on in 2009.....and that IPTV thing sounds so [email protected] stupid..."Oh I can watch limited TV programming on my Xbox 360!!!".....IF I WANNA WATCH SOME TELEVISION I ALREADY HAVE BASIC CABLE AND A SATELLITE DISH!!!!!!!!!

Daishi4562d ago

Don't forget the Xbox Live Arcade games. It sucks so bad that MS lost LBP but hopefuly the game will be big enough there will be several sequals, maybe even some on PSP!

uxo224562d ago


Honestly though, could one make the same argument about BD movies as well?

As usual everyone keeps getting up in arms over things that are suppose to happen in the future. So actually happen as expected and other don't pan out so well.

When things go right, the predicters brag and chant about how right they were. When things go the other way, the predicters disappear while the opposition bash them for the wrong predictions. It's a continious cycle.

Here's the strange part, none of this merchandise is making money for any of the whining parties involved i.e. you and me. So why not let sony, ms, and nintendo duke it out while we watch and enjoy the fruit that fall from the tree.

I would love to see 360 and ps3 fanboys for one day, compliment the positive things on each system. No one needs to bring up the bad things, trust me, the appropiate parties already know what's wrong with their favorite consoles.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

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Clinton5144562d ago

All I'm purchasing this year is Alane Wake.

Omegasyde4562d ago

you will get alan wake instead of GOW2?


Clinton5144562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

I found it was seriously lacking(story,boss battles). I'd like to see the game improve. It's on my watch list, so if it turns out to impress it could be another purchase for me. :)

Daishi4562d ago

The only thing that matters in '08 is Starcraft 2...

Mikelarry4562d ago

i demand my juicy rumours that were stirring before the show. i didnt find anything news worth about that show

Meus Renaissance4562d ago (Edited 4562d ago )

Robbie Bach said "shipped" 17.7million consoles Toughname. Please don't make me create an article titled "DEBUNKED: 17.7m is actually SHIPPED not sold". I'm kidding with the article, but it was shipped to retailers not sold good sir. And ofcourse people will disagree with me, not because they think I'm wrong, but they want to believe in certain illusions about the facts and figures tonight. I'm not discrediting Microsoft for their achievement but I think it's silly, and actually detrimental, to stretch or misrepresent the truth here.

"17.7million shipped". Right from his mouth.

Sincerely, Meus

Premonition4562d ago

I agree, i was watching the Microsoft CES on their website, and he said shipped, I dont know how sites are so quick to miss quote someone.

toughNAME4562d ago

your right... didnt see that, I'll change it

you should make an article on kotaku giving me wrong info...and then another one talking about the wonders on copy and paste

INehalemEXI4562d ago

Indeed, alot of the big titles of 08 are ps3 exclusives though. 360 carried the torch of next gen gaming in 07. Time to pass the torch on to ps3 till 720 is introduced.

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