Microsoft announces Disney-ABC, MGM partnerships

At the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates and Microsoft President of the Entertainment & Devices Division Robbie Bach today unveiled several new entertainment services and partnerships, including new deals with Disney-ABC Television Group, NBC Universal and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM), that demonstrate how software is improving people's ability to connect with their favorite content and communities through new and expanded forms of entertainment experiences.

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Darkiewonder4027d ago

is that I'll download all the episodes of Hannah Montana now!


wait......but if playing on xbox live crashes the servers( as occurred during holidays).

what will happen when everyone tries to download a 10-30 gig movie?

seems dd is only ideal for small shows and programs, bandwidth limitation is evidently dd's downfall at the moment.

RonDeMuerte4027d ago


JasonPC360PS3Wii4027d ago

There is no movie on Live 10gb let alone 30. I guess we can add you to the list of liars but after reading your comments the comment is obvious (PS3rd Droid) Next time don't inflate those numbers so high and you "might" be able to pull that off.

Mr Marbles4027d ago

Seems alot of you are ill informed.

You do not have to finish the download to start watching the movie on XBL, you can start watching it about 3 minutes into the download, BEFORE it finishes downloading. This makes internet connection speed irrelivant.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4027d ago

But they sure will defend it "when" Sony starts offering the same service do to demand.

DethWish4027d ago

You try do that with a 56K and tell me download speed is irrelevant >_>

ry-guy4026d ago

Good thing Microsoft had the foresight to make broadband internet access a requirement to use their service back when it launched in 2001.

No worries about those 56k's.

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Bladestar4027d ago

Funny.... though all Sony fanboys believe that digital distribution is a failure and can't be done... so many studios are supporting xbox live marketplace... including those that support blu-ray... why is that Sony fanboys?

chrno64027d ago internet...connection........wh

Bonsai12144027d ago

no one says its a failure. we just say that it can't be recognized as of now with the infrastructure in place.

notice how its for rent and not ownership, and how its only a select few movies, and by no means their entire library.

i do see DD being more widely accepted maybe 10 years from now when the internets are fast enough, but as of now, i don't want to waste bandwidth or hard drive room with a movie that's conveniently placed on a disk.

RudeSole Devil4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Have you played on Xbox live the last couple of weeks, instead of insulting PS3 fanboys all dsy long you would have witnessed Xbox live right now sucks donkey balls. If Microsoft really plans on digital distribution they need to fix their servers. BTW what happened to the new Xbox ultimate, shows Sony crushed that thought.

RRoDx3604027d ago Show
TANOD4027d ago

Disney is backing BD exclusively and SONY would be announcing their IPTV perhaps on TUESDAY

However there are a MINUTE amount of PEOPLE who would go for DD over a physical MEDIA storage

We need a 200gig HDD for just the PLANET EARTH series in HD

do we have to purchase a new HDD for a new movie??

DD is a comnplement . It will not threaten anything but it will take off ONLY IN THE DISTANT FUTURE

actas1234027d ago

and u are so happy, its like those shows and movies are gonna be free.. lol..

Antiomo4027d ago

1)It can be done, but not now

2) have fun downloading at "optimal speeds"

3) More importantly digital distribution is a freaking format in itself....

4) the general population at this point of time is having a hard time even understanding the differences between hd-dvd and blu-ray.... can you really expect this same population to understand the concept of streaming and downloading...... Seriously I dont? Hence its a niche market for the more informed.

5) blu-ray / hd-dvd offer over all better picture and sound quality.

Primetimebt4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

maybe because I have a thing called a TV and cable provider that I don't have to pay to watch re-run shows. Plus I don't have to wait an hour to start watching it.

EZCheez4027d ago

I have a 50Gb DVR that records all of my favorite shows. I don't need my gaming console to do that and a lot of cable and satellite providers give that freedom.

Digital distribution in the form of XBL isn't needed to the average consumer when so many people get that option from cable and satellite providers.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4027d ago

Nice pwning Blade, the c0ckroaches came out of the woodwork on that one. Here I have a light watch them scatter. PS3 IS STILL 3rd DEAD LAST IN EVERY CATEGORY <===D)))) there that should send them running for bit, but sadly they will return. (because they still have nothing to play)

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Omegasyde4027d ago

Weird. Then again MSFT get money from every Sony phone with windows mobile on it.

P.S. Bladestar Blu-ray is going to win, and 1080p movies that are over 7 gig aren't worth downloading unless you plan on d/l before you go to bed and wait sometime in the morning to watch it.


Tsalagi4027d ago

It's just business to them. They don't care if they are running something of the competitors on their system as long as it's making them money too.

OOG FunK4027d ago

All I have to say is to all you fanboys who are trying to argue with each other like Sony and MS are enemies and are going to fight to the death...........

Guess who owns MGM??? *cough cough* Sony

What laptops did they have on stage *cough cough* Sony

But O but O but wait but o um ahhhh......yea...companies dont really care as long as they make money

Fighter4027d ago

Once Sony gets their online service running expect those same companies to distribute their products on the PS3 as well. Keep in mind they are not exclusive deals so MS has nothing to brag about.

It's ironic that MGM is owned by FOX and Sony.

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