Gates Defends Windows Vista, Looks Ahead

People waited in long lines Sunday to hear the Microsoft chairman make his last big address here at the Consumer Electronics Show. In an interview with the Seattle P-I before his speech, Gates talked about the future of technology and discussed his plans as he prepares to go part time at the company later this year.

He also defended Microsoft's year-old Windows Vista operating system from critics and credited Nintendo's Wii game console for its approachability -- saying he expects Microsoft to "match that and do better."

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Bill Gates4034d ago

And every last one of them is defective just like the 360.....AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHHHA H

Hatchetforce4034d ago

That includes corporate licensing including the US government which is starting to adopt Vista. I work in a government office on occasion and having machines there for use hardly qualifies as a passionate embrace of Vista. Such figures are useless. He also said Vista is a great OS for gaming and only a crackhead would agree with that.

BrianC62344034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

""I think a lot of people would say it was the best new product of the year in terms of the neat, new things they're using in it. "

Neato. All the cool things we're using in it. Right. Vista is crap. I removed it from my home desktop and reinstalled XP and Linux. It's still on my laptop but I'm not happy with IE crashing all the time. My wireless connection seems to drop off a lot too. I'm not sure if that's Vista but it does happen. I don't see anything neat enough to make me recommend Vista.

Wow, two people must actually like Vista since I have two disagrees. Are you two Xbots or something?

Account deleted4034d ago

i agree with you, i had the same problem, now i have my windows xp back and btw try firefox, i find it a million times better than ie, can't wait 'till the release of firefox 3....

BrianC62344034d ago

I use Firefox and IE7 both. Just depends on which I feel like using. Sometimes things don't work right. I have a Vista laptop and the biggest problem is Flash player crashes IE7 a lot. That's really annoying.

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Bonsai12144034d ago

so 100 million people are using vista? i would have guessed from the reviews and reaction that it would be a lot less.

and from what i garner from the reading, they're already working on a new windows, perhaps they know that the current version isn't up to par?

nice_cuppa4034d ago

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo.

warning !

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo.

fanboys posting news again.

Kyur4ThePain4034d ago

It's 100 million forced onto moms and pops who don't have the savvy to do anything about it.
That's like saying I support Goodyear just because my car came with their tires.

Sorry, but you and I know that if PCs were sold as a clean slate, MS wouldn't have sold half that number as most people would opt for XP, if not some other OS.

Zhuk4034d ago

I've come from working with IT and simply put people prefer the Windows OS and GUI over the competitors. "Mom and Pops" want familiarity and the last thing they need to happen is to be confused by switching to another style of Operating System.

I have seen countless people make switch to Linux or an alternative OS and then switch back to Windows within a month because they find out that because nerds on the internet who trump Linux/MacOSX act like the grass is greener on the other side it really isn't, they are fooled by their own biases.

Windows offers the best Operating System on the market and its rivals simply can't compare with the ease of use, functionality and productivity that it gives to its users.

IntelligentAj4034d ago

It's rare that I agree with Zhuk but he's got a point. Vista has it's problems but you all forget it was the same way with XP. Vista will be widely adopted in about 2-3 years. The service patches will come and Vista will improve so stop Bit**in.

Prismo_Fillusion4034d ago

Windows Vista sales don't count just like Wii Sports sales don't count.

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