Skyrim PS3 Patch 1.05 Now Available, Patch Size Revealed

Trendy Gamers: Bethesda has announced that patch 1.05 is now available and we have confirmed that it is out on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well, we have confirmed the PS3 patch size.

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NYC_Gamer3361d ago

The game is still broken months after its release date....Its sad that Bethesda gets the free pass from so many reviewers.

MariaHelFutura3361d ago

Broken? I play it quite often.

That PS2 18 wheeler trucking game was broken, Skyrim is not. Kids this gen.....

morganfell3361d ago

I have to agree Maria. I play the PS3 and PC versions alternatively and have a blast with both. This talk of broken is little more than attempts to sink the game, particularly on one platform.

Redempteur3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

but it was broken they are enough vids on the web to see that you couldn't play this game , as impressive as it is at 2 fps .

And this patch is fixing quests that were sometimes impossible to finish because some npcs were dead ..

How is that not broken again ?

Ares84HU3361d ago

It's not broken but the framerate did get on my nerves a few times.

Has it been fixed yet???

ziggurcat3361d ago

@ mariahellfutura:

yes, broken. what version are you playing?

BitbyDeath3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

@Ares84HU, the previous patch fixed up a lot of the major framerate issues on the PS3 version. (Still stutters occasionally but nowhere near as often)

Not sure about the 360 version.

360GamerFG3361d ago

Morgan, seriously? You play the game on pc and ps3? Come on now.

guitarded773361d ago

When it came out, it had some serious issues, but I downloaded 1.05 and played for a few hours tonight and it's running pretty damn smooth. I had no noticeable frame rate or screen tearing issues on the PS3 version.

MysticStrummer3360d ago

I agree that "broken" is the wrong word. I played Skyrim only on PS3 and had few problems other than once seeing a backwards flying dragon and the framerate thing, which was temporarily fixable by saving, quitting, and reloading about once an hour. I had more and worse bug problems playing Dead Island than with Skyrim. Bethesda did get many free passes from reviewers though, and them being called Developer of the Year was a joke. Skyrim was very buggy, not broken. Broken means no one can play it, not that there are bugs you may or may not see.

MAJ0R3360d ago

I think he meant that the CONSOLE version is broken. The PC version is much better, and it can only get even better with more and more mods coming out e.g. Unofficial Skyrim Patch.

OMEGAZONE3360d ago

You're not living in a fantasy world like Skyrim, the game is broken. Denying the issue just makes you look like a fanboy.

gaffyh3360d ago

I'm level 54 in Skyrim on PS3, and the game is not broken. You people make it out as if your PS3 explodes when a Skyrim disc is inserted. There are some freezes here and there, but it's not THAT bad. Each successive patch reduces the amount of freezes that occur, and at the very least, this game is much much more stable than Oblivion and the two Fallout games, so they have improved.

wolokowoh3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

It was broken. I got 140 hours in and it was literally unplayable. Then patch 1.4 came out and there's been very little slowdown. I'm now 210 hours in and have pretty done just about every quest(going by the uesp wiki)and it's running fine. So it's not broken but it still has some bugs that don't seem to affect much.

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soundslike3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

a little dramatic...

omi25p3361d ago

Ive played 150 hours on skyrim and I can tell you its not broken

Redempteur3361d ago

i'm pretty sure you don't have a ps3 version then ...

MysticStrummer3360d ago

I have the PS3 version and it's not broken either. Dead Island had far worse bug problems than Skyrim on PS3.

Neko_Mega3360d ago

Yeah, I find that hard to believe. Because my friend had to deal with dragon's flying backwards on his 360 and another friend had problems with his PC copy.

Not everyone has problems, I had no real problems on the PS3 until they started to update it. Things just go worst from their and then it got better after the update before this one.

A broken game is Fallout New Vegas.

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CarlitoBrigante3361d ago

Fuckin horrible game. Ive put 100 hours in this game, got the platinum trophy, but I will NEVER EVER play a Crapthesda game again!

These guys cant simply code shit!

Series_IIa3361d ago

You say that... Yet you spent 100 hours out of your time on earth to play it?

Human Analog3361d ago

Aaaaand... You won't be missed.

noprin3360d ago

lol,you played 100Hours and enjoyed it(obviously if you didn't enjoy it you would have stop playing it )
and then you are trolling,the game got bugs but its enjoyable and playable
I put more than 200H in 3 char and I saw lot of bugs but they didnt stop me from playing this great game

christheredhead3361d ago

Skyrim isn't broken. My game still runs at a buttery smooth 13 frames per second. So for everyone complaining about 5 frames per second, I have no idea what you're talking about. Seems fine to me.

The "broken quests" aren't actually broken either, they're supposed to be like that. That is the quest itself. Adds to the lore of the game.

honkyjesus3360d ago

Sad that the PS3 still gets a free pass from developers.

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digger183361d ago

Don't download this new patch on.Ps3. It has a game breaking bug in it. After you patch you can't enter water without it freezing every time.

limewax3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Wow your dead right. I haven't got it on PS3 but a quick check on the internet shows this is a bug everyone is getting

DarkBlood3361d ago

i will probably go back to skyrim after i plat silent hill 2 is it possible to skip the patch?

wolokowoh3360d ago

Yeah two ways. Cut the internet connection to your PS3 off or stay connected press O when tries to update to cancel and then play the game. It won't force you to update to play it because its not an online MP game.

SuperBeast8113361d ago

you are soo right F U BETHESDA IM SOO TIRED OF THIS!!!!

Jazz41083360d ago

I have played all thee games on 360 and they for the most part play fine. The frame rate issues and screen tearing were mainly the ps3 version. This however don't give them a free pass. If they are going to release the game on ps3 they need to make sure its a least playable ane close to the 360 version. If I had the opposite experience and played these on ps3 I proly would not support them again. So I understand where a lot of people are coming from.

Chuvanes3361d ago

delete GAME DATA and UPDATE DATA for skyrim on your ps3 and repatch it, supposedly it fixes

HalfCarrot3360d ago

Thanks for posting this; it works just fine now. Deleted the data, reinstalled the patch and played for over an hour in and out of water.

GhettoBlasStarr3361d ago

It crashed on me as well. This is very disappointing. We'll probably have to months for them to fix this with another patch with another problem.

ziggurcat3361d ago

the irony, i suppose, is that some of the fixes in the changelog were:

- Improved visual transition when going underwater
- Underwater effects now display properly

HalfCarrot3360d ago

Same here. It crashed on me twice. I'm running on a launch model fat 320gb (if that helps). First time I've played in 3 months and it freezes twice...

Crimbot3360d ago

Yep,had the same problem.I couldn't enter water without freezing.Deleted the patch and it worked fine again.

wolokowoh3360d ago

Thanks for the heads up. I was going to update but I'll wait until the next one.

HalfCarrot3360d ago

You don't have to wait. Just go in and delete the game data (leave your save data alone) for Skyrim. It's listed on Bethesda's blog and it worked like a charm. I played for over an hour today in and out of water just fine. Game on!

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Lucreto3361d ago

Okay Batman AC is the next game I am going back to then.

SuperBeast8113361d ago

It now freezes when you try to go under water EVERYTIME!!!!

leemo193361d ago

I've haven't noticed any bugs really yet. The game play seems little bit more laggy than 1.4. I wish they add menu to turn off animation kills like in Fo:Nv. I dont like it when you have couple of guys on you and all sudden it goes into the animation kill. Plus the water freezing people have been talking about, I've yet to get it, I went way up north towards Winterhold and went way down into the water nothing happened.

limewax3360d ago

I'm surprised your getting that issue, the game is supposed to be coded so that kill animations can only activate when killing the last local threat

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