Will Thin Be In, Or Will Sony Be Out?

USA Today writes: "About $2,500 will buy a 50-inch, high-end Panasonic flat-panel TV, large enough for almost any living room. Or it will buy an 11-inch Sony (SNE), smaller than most laptop screens.

Sound crazy? When this tiny television makes its U.S. debut Monday at the Consumer Electronics trade show in Las Vegas, people are expected to line up to see it. That's because it may be the thinnest, brightest and most striking mainstream TV ever sold.

"It's beautiful," says electronics analyst Rosemary Abowd with researcher Pacific Media Associates. "It has a crystal-clear picture," agrees tech analyst Tim Bajarin with researcher Creative Strategies".

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IGNFTW4028d ago


BrianC62344028d ago

What a lame article. Of course this TV will sell. There are a lot of filthy rich people out there who all have to buy the latest gadgets. At 11 inches this TV is definitely a gadget. The thing will probably sell out in one week.

bootsielon4028d ago

With that $13,000 price tag

BrianC62344028d ago

Plasma used to cost well over $10,000 when it came out. In fact, I believe it was around $20,000. Look at plasma now. As technology matures it gets better and cheaper.

Pandaren004028d ago

I don't expect OLED to be the main TV technology until 2016 at the earliest. LCD's and plasmas are fine right now, but OLEDs are definitely gonna be the better choice in a few years.

and also, don't expect me to pay a few thousand dollars for such a small screen. i dont have the money >_<

Bonsai12144028d ago

if i had the money, i would buy one. just because the picture is ridiculous on them. and i haven't seen seen them in person yet, just high quality photos taken from an SLR camera..

mboojigga4028d ago

Why does standard def look like crap on my 11in display. lol

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