Microsoft Would Be Mad to Go Ultimate


"Multiple sku's, what can we lose? This appears to be the motto of Microsoft and Sony this generation. With rumours that Microsoft are once again going to change things up with an "Ultimate" console to further compete with Sony, this would both confuse consumers, and dig themselves a mighty HD-DVD hole."

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bootsielon4030d ago

Is the approach they take to functionality. Sony isn't taking or adding functionality; every PS3 has the fundamental PS3 experience. On the other hand, Premium has more functionality than Core for games, as some require HDD; Elite has HDMI, something not all premiums had, and therefore better sound; and Ultimate, if real, will play HD movies, unlike the Elite.

All PS3s are fundamentally the same. They can all play the same discs, be they movies, games or music. There is variation, but none changes the essence of what PS3 is.

chrno64030d ago

yes u just concluded what I wanted to say. bubble for u.

testerg354030d ago

I think the only diff between 360 SKUs is the hdd. New Core, Premium, Elite have hdmi. As far as PS3, it was the backward PS2 compatibility.

Omegasyde4030d ago

But what about backward compatibility with ps2 games?

Both MSFT and Sony are hit for that, while the the wii can play game cube games with the game cube controllers.

Jinxstar4030d ago

I'm watching the CES stuff. I wish they would just get to whatever the new 360 is... Mainly out of curiosity...

Omegasyde4030d ago

The CES is the 7th-9th and today the 6th it just a "preshow".

wait a few days it will come, heck Sony hasn't even mentioned anything PS3 related either.

Either that or both companies are waiting for GDC 08 instead.

Jinxstar4030d ago

Yeah I really am not up on CES. I did think it was a decent show though. Hopefully we get some cool stuff out of it.

Cherchez La Ghost4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Microsoft's focus is multimeda worldwide. Looking at their coverege at CES, i'm impressed. People have to remember. Sony is a innovator of hardware. Microsoft is a innovator of software. Voice commands thu GPS on your cell phone, sharing movies thu the internet and wireless sharing of music thru Zune. Despite who you side with, give credit where credit is due. Both are good companies.

Omegasyde4030d ago

Microsoft isn't all that innovating but in the beginning the windows idea was stolen.

Also Voice through GPS wasn't a MSFT idea and either was sharing multimedia. Gnutella creaters had that idea (napster was one of the first to use the gnutella network.

There hasn't been anything innovative from MSFT in media (XBL on console is only one). In software service they are king...i.e. excel, powerpoint features, conferencing, ftp publishing, DRM.

Bladestar4030d ago

@Omegasyde ... yeah.. yeah... we know we know.. microsoft is evil.. and eat newborns... they also raped you when you was a kid... and it's why you hate them so much... why do you always want to remind us of it... seriously... why would you want to talk about your past? and even worst... why make you think anyone here really want to hear a Sony fanboy crying about it.... too many of you in this site... you are not as entertaining as [Bill Gates, DJ and the others]... they are better Sony fanboys than you are.

jack who4030d ago

bla bla bla bill just got doen talkin n didnt say anything bout Ultimate so what happend? dumb ass fanboy crap

xplosneer4030d ago

DEBUNKED. No Ultimate(No talk in the Keynote).