Why the ME 3 Extended Cut is an insult to fans

Xbigygames' Kamran Draeger: "When first reading the announcement that Mass Effect 3 would receive an "Extended Cut" of the ending, my scepticism first arose. After reading into the content of said DLC, I was simply appalled by the audacity BioWare had to come forth with such a press release. Simply put, I find it to be an insult to the intelligence of the fans."

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NYC_Gamer3401d ago

Bioware is just another studio that EA has ruined.

pangitkqb3401d ago

another entitlement article. Yay.

BioWare may have blown the ending of ME3, but they don't owe anybody $#!T. BioWare didn't force anyone to buy the game, and I challenge anyone to show me the contract BioWare signed saying "We swear to please fans."

On the other side of the coin, I am glad the community has been vocal, but the difference between disappointment and entitlement is a fine, fine line.

Bring on the thumbs down.

--Onilink--3401d ago

Maybe they didnt make a contract like you say, but they certainly said many things in interview and press releases that turned out to be misleading statements(which is a nice way to say they blatantly lied to their customers to create more hype)

VanillaBear3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

"but they don't owe anybody $#!T. BioWare didn't force anyone to buy the game,"

But we did want to support a developer who have been respected in the past number of years.

They're a game studio
We are gamers
We buy their games so they have work
If we want to complain about something, we can, unless it's something which has been giving out for free

So if you bought something in a shop and the product had a problem with it and you complained, if they turned around to you and said "Well you didn't HAVE to buy it" would you honestly walk away from that a happy customer.......NOPE

"but the difference between disappointment and entitlement is a fine"

Why do people always bring up the "entitlement" thing to proove a point, we bought the game, Bioware screwed up the ending and now we want a better one, a one which isn't full of plotholes and a big middle finger towards everything you have invested in for the past 5 years. If Biowares past work had been full of plotholes then fine there wouldn't be anything to complain about but how can you write an amazing franchise, then give an ending like dosen't make any sense.

Your either voice your opinion or you don't...which basicaly translates to "You either let developers walk all over you or you stick up for your self"....thats why Capcom are the way they are today

tigertron3401d ago

They owe the fans who have parted with their hard earned cash.

They are a business, and they owe their customers for supporting them throughout their existence.

StanSmith3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

There's that word again!

Why is entitlement suddenly a new buzzword for insulting people?

I don't care about the ending. I don't care about plot holes. Bioware & EA advertised choices. Choices that effect endings. Your choices, however, lead to the same ending with different colours.

That is what annoyed me and that is why i have already sold the game.

"BioWare may have blown the ending of ME3, but they don't owe anybody $#!T. BioWare didn't force anyone to buy the game, and I challenge anyone to show me the contract BioWare signed saying "We swear to please fans." "

They advertised that your choices affect the ending. They don't. Therefore, that is false advertising. False advertising is against the law in the UK. Too many people today just roll over like a puppy to companies. Learn your rights people!

I couldn't care now personally, as i've sold the game and i'm not looking back.

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dedicatedtogamers3401d ago

I haven't even bought the game until I can be assured that my choices throughout all three games will "greatly affect the outcome", as Bioware claimed.

The bigger issue is that EA/Bioware likely held back the "true" ending for paid DLC at a later date and now they're saying "screw it. We won't be able to charge people for this. We might as well give it away".

IDonQuixote3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Then it appears that the response should be to keep caring, and keep raising the issue.

kamruk3401d ago

Remember that EA's issue right now is their stock, that 99% of players responded to the question "will you now buy dlc pre free 'clarity' dlc" with hell no and that most importantly, the PLOTHOLES are still there.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3401d ago

Next article needed:

"Why gamers are impossible to please."

IDonQuixote3401d ago

If you point out to your architect that he built you a house with no back wall, and all he does is add a patio, you still wouldn't be happy with him.

Ethereal3401d ago

No it should read "moronic entitled people who think they are gamers are impossible to please." I hate to see what they do when a movie doesnt end the way the want it to...

wollie3400d ago

Um... say it sucked?

Tell people not to go see it?

Not pay for movies from the same director/actor/producer?

Not buy the DVD?

Godmars2903401d ago

Bioware's doing this to cover for the paid DLC they planned to put out in the first place.

GiggMan3401d ago

Since when has free become insulting???

ziggurcat3401d ago

are you really that surprised that ME fans are crying over this? i'm certainly not...

wollie3400d ago

Its insulting because the plot holes still stand. And the ending still makes no sense. We are just getting more of it.

I hope they never change the ending and keep their, "artistic vision" because after this and DA2 bioware has become the new square enix.

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