JVC Reveals World's Skinniest LCDs

TechDigest reports: "JVC has been proudly touting a new set of super-slim LCDs this morning designed for anyone who has long since forgotten the dark days of CRT and is now thinking that LCD TVs are grotesque sweaty fatsos that need to hit the gym. These new sets are only 39mm thick throughout most of the cabinet but bulge out to 74mm at their thickest point.

Being slimmer has also made them lighter and more energy efficient (145W) so they're even good for the more eco-minded couch potato. The two super-slim HD sets are due out in the US in early summer - the LT-42SL89 and LT-46SL89 – offering 42" and 46" screen diameters respectively, full 1080p resolution and built-in tuners".

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And break your 13,000 dollar investment?