Sony Debuts Sub $200 BD-ROM Drive for Blu-ray movie playback on the PC

Sony Electronics today announced an internal BD-ROM drive that can upgrade an existing desktop computer into a high-definition Blu-ray Disc player, as well as a DVD and a CD player.

The new BDU-X10S BD-ROM drive comes with CyberLink's PowerDVD BD Edition software for playback of commercial movie titles, recorded Blu-ray Disc home videos, DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs.

"The BD-ROM drive's sub-$200 price tag offers consumers a very viable option to discover and enjoy the nearly 500 high-definition Blu-ray Disc movies released to date," said Bob DeMoulin, marketing manager for branded storage products in Sony Electronics' IT Products Division.

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ElfShotTheFood4034d ago

Wow, has it really been 10 minutes since the last Blu-Ray story on br4g?

Time flies.

TANOD4034d ago

despite putting this STORY in the tech section it was reported by the XBOTS

shameless arent they?

ElementX4034d ago

Yeah but most monitors don't even support 1080P. It's pointless at this point.

Rybnik4034d ago

lots of new monitors do, like the brand spankin' new one I just got. 24in Samsung. res is 1920x1200 5ms response time and even (if I want) can hook up to my PS3..yay DVI to HDMI!

Antiomo4034d ago

1) Blu-ray is not only movies
2) htpc's
3) 24 inch monitors can do High resolution.

ElementX4033d ago

:( Well I bought a 22" monitor. I didn't want to shell out another $175 for 2".

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Clinton5144034d ago

Very affordable, and so so in it's lifetime. I'd consider getting one sometime this year.

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