PSP GPS & Dual Shock 3 At CES

SONY's official CES website shows PSP GPS and Dual Shock 3 for the PS3.

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Darkiewonder4033d ago

Hope it comes out during DMC4 release.

bruiser814033d ago

i imported a white one for christmas and let me tell you, you haven't played warhawk if you don't have a DS3

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supermandead6664033d ago

"PSP GPS is so worthless"

Worthless post.

Keyser4033d ago

but sometimes when you're not in the car you wish you had GPS.

I can take my Garmin out the car and walk around with it but it's not as convenient as the PSP that I'm going to take around while listening to music, playing games, watching movies and whatever else.

It is just another element to add to the PS3 and like EZ said, most cell phones have it all ready but it's cool to have a device that has it all instead of carrying 5 devices. You can have your PSP and your cell and you pretty much have everything that a gadget whore could ever need.

hadouken0074033d ago

zhuk is always like 1 to 3 person to post on any news,why? but anyway i've been wanting a gps unit so this works for me.

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