The Top 25 Gamertags of 2007

January 5 - community editor Trixie reveals the top 25 gamertags on for the year 2007. This could result from people hitting their profiles or posts in the forums. Anytime the gamercard or profile is called up, that's a hit. (At least that's how the dev boyz explained it to Trixie.)

Notes: At number 2, "e" is Xbox Live's Operations Manager); and at number 6, "agent arenas" is NBA player Gilbert Arenas and alleged Halo 3 cheater.

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BigKev454029d ago

That's bull, I should be in the top 25, lol.

HungPHAT4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

mine won HungPHAT x for LIVE or PSN HungPHAT

MaximusPrime4029d ago

3rd time posted and now it has been approved???

what next? Top ten Wii Mii tags?

cow moolester4029d ago

I have the best Wii tag...its so funny........Its 1563 4645 4645 4656!!!

I have a great imagination..

gta_cb4029d ago

lol i can imagen you trying to play a game (tactical fighting game) online on the Wii, it will be like this oh and TM means team mate :D

TM - hey lets go

1563 4645 4645 4656 - yeah lets go kick their ass!

TM - lol... wow wtf! your name!

1563 4645 4645 4656 - i have a great imagination :D

----- later on in the match, deciding kill -------

TM - 1563.. 4..64 f*ck just look behind you!

1563 4645 4645 4656 - aawwww *killed, enemy wins*

TM - ffs! why the f*ck did you have to have that name?!

1563 4645 4645 4656 - sh!t better get out of here *1563 4645 4645 4656 leave the game*

haha :D i think i have the great imagination, dont you think :D