PlayStation 3 To Get Firmware Update & Sony Shows 2 BD-Live Players

At the Sony booth, they are showcasing two new prototype BD-Live players. The Sapphire 3 and 4 will both be Profile 2.0. Sony also has indicated that the PS3 will get a BD-Live upgrade sometime in the future.

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Cyrus3654035d ago

Impressive that the first blu-ray on the market, or pretty much, is also the one the most "future proof". And also now is one of the cheapest blu-ray players, with almost as good features as High end blu-ray players (minus a few high end Audio decoding options).

THC CELL4035d ago

Future proof

the hd dvd guys must be crying now

crazy250004035d ago

just hope they update with DTS MA, would be awesome

bootsielon4035d ago

PS3 will get every CODEC, I really wouldn't worry about that. If any CODEC is necessary, Sony will notice and will pay the necessary royalties in order to convert the PS3 into the ultimate Media Center, as they did with DivX certification.

allatain4034d ago

I don't really think they would allow some containers either such as MKV files

But I do Like your thinking

Heaven_Or_Hell4035d ago

BD-Live ? What it's gonna be ?

xplosneer4035d ago

IE Online capabilities on the player.

n_n4034d ago

don't know what BD-Live is, but if it's as easy as a firmware update than i'm all for it... pretty cool that the PS3 is so futureproof

YoMeViet4035d ago

I wish they could add codecs for the old Xvid and DviX files so i can watch my old anime on my PS3...

360sucks4034d ago

just re run them
with divx convert

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The story is too old to be commented.