Nintendo Should Stop Making Consoles | Opinion: Down through the years Nintendo has delivered some of the most entertaining and memorable games of any publisher. Indeed the platform holder’s software output has always been the dominant reason to buy their hardware.

However recent history with the fiasco that was the 3DS launch last year and the upcoming launch of the Wii U indicates that the Japanese company should focus on what it does best, the games, and leave console/platform development to Sony, Microsoft and even Apple.

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slavish3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

if the only thing the wii-u brings is a screen on a controller then its hard to argue. Dreamcast did that. I think everyone knows m$ and sony will copy it but have a more powerful hardware making the wii-u pointless imo. But should they stop making consoles? Hell no i'm a consumer I like choice!

Optical_Matrix3361d ago

Dreamcasts screen was COMPLETELY different. Please don't use such a terrible and one sided point of comparison. It wasn't colour, it didn't stream full console games, it didn't have a resistive touch screen, it didn't have full audio....I could go on. This isn't a screen controller in the same way the Dreamcasts was. I mean for a start, its BUILT IN...not an attachment. Did you even own a Dreamcast?

Anyway this article is beyond stupid. The 3DS is proving to be a tour-de-force in the handheld space. AAA game after AAA game coming this year and I'm sure the Wii U will find its base of players, myself being one of them. When it comes to gameplay Nintendo are the most innovative company I know and while people say they re-hash things, they've set far too many de-facto standard gameplay elements such as save files, 3rd person perspective, Z targeting and general open world exploration, for me to write them off.

Wii U will do fine. Believe.

Dark113361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

"Wii U will do fine"
we don't know that , wii U is Nintendo LAST hope
if it FAIL then bye bye Nintendo.

Thank god i don't buy anything from them.

mcstorm3361d ago

Dark11 i have to disagree with you here. Nintendo dont need to sell as many consoles as sony and ms to survive in the console industry and the n64 and gamecube prove this. Nintendo has the most exclusive games out of all 3 and also the best selling. Mario mario kart pokemon zelda and metroid are some of the biggest selling names in the business and they are the driving force behind nintendo and the sales numbers of there's games prove that. This is why sony are now starting to fall behing ms and nintendo in the market because they only had 2 big exclusive games at the start of this gen in gt and mgs the rest were 3rd party games like gta tekken cod MoH ect and because ms were pushing the 3rd party games more than sony more people were picking 3rd party games up for the 360 over the ps3. This is part of the reason why the psv sales are so low because they dont have a game like mario mario kart ect out for the psv yet which is what sells the 3ds from the start. Sony are starting to give us some very good 1st party games like lbp mnr kz uc ect but sony are not pushing them enough to make people aware of them for example here in the uk i keep seeing 3ds adverts for mario kart 7 but none for mnr on the psv plus this game is let down by no mp on the psv version too.

For me i think the console industry is getting stronger and we are seeing better games from all 3 turn 10 and pd are pushing each other with gt and forza, then you have games like lbp and mnr to give mario and mario kart a push and then sony nintendo and ms trying to push each other with there consoles which to me has made this gen one of the best since the snes and mega drive days.

mamotte3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Yes. It's only one screen! While MS and Sony did a lot of research to offer us the same controllers as the PS2 and xBox, and a power that's still under a PC power. No Innovation for the win!

Wintersun6163361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Everything didn't go perfect with the 3DS but it's never about staying on your feet, it's about coming back up when you fall down and that's exactly what 3DS did. Also the Wii U hasn't even released and nobody knows how it will do and that's why it's just plain stupid to say things like this at this point.

browngamer413361d ago

Wow what a stupid fanboy bout this maybe you should stop writing and do what you do best-trolling.

cynosure3361d ago

What planet is this person living on?Does he know how many wiis have been sold.It was a smash hit
The 3DS is doing great
Why in the hell should they leave the console business?They have done so well this generation

tiffac0083361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

I just can't see the gaming industry without the Big N competing in the console market.

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