Sony intros 16GB Memory Stick Duo

Sony's finally getting really, really serious about the Memory Stick. The company is launching a hefty 16GB version of its loved / hated MS Duo. There's not much else. It's a Memory Stick Duo. It's 16GB. It will be available in March for $300. Enjoy.

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Darkiewonder5254d ago

16gb is 300. I see what they did there.

Meus Renaissance5254d ago

I need a little how did they get from 150 to 300 when doubling the capacity..


/end sarcasm

Black Rose5254d ago

this thing cost only 100 greens less then PS3/ wow

freakyzeeky5254d ago (Edited 5254d ago )

$300? Man, it's too much money... I'll wait a couple years for this. :'(

Charlie26885254d ago

Wait a year (usually they go down 50% of the original price) or simply buy the Sandisk version the one that is supposed to be used for cameras (the blue ones that come with the adaptors, dont buy he multicolored "game" ones since they are more expensive FOR NOTHING)


freakyzeeky5254d ago

But I wonder if my PSP slim would support a memory stick with that much space? :o

Zhuk5254d ago

I definitely would get this for my PSP, would be able to carry around a lot of PS1 ISOs on that

TwissT5254d ago

Zhuk I thought you hated anything Sony related, what happened?

Zhuk5254d ago (Edited 5254d ago )

well if you fandroids knew anything about my comments on the PSP, its my favourite handheld ever made because of custom firmware and homebrew, I bought one the day it was released. A great machine for retro gaming and emulation, its also the best piece of equipment to play PS1 games on, which look fantastic on the LCD screen.

Also the PSPs games library has gotten a lot better in the past 12 months and provides to my tastes as a gamer more than Nintendo's DS

mikeslemonade5254d ago

And you can't see that happening to the PS3? The PSP didn't have good games for like the first two years. And now the third year the PSP is catching up to the DS and it isn't considered a failure anymore. But your comments for the PS3 are totally opposite it's like you didn't learn anything from what playstation systems do. They start off slow and they end up being good systems. Most of your post say PS3 is a failure or somewhere along the line.

Daishi5253d ago

In Zhuks defense the PSP has a lot to offer and the PS3 offers everything that the PSP does only in a larger package (similar to Wii and DS). Plus I can hook up my PSP to my 360 and do everything that I could do hooking it up to a PS3 other than remote play. It's as simple as liking the best options offered, which at this point are PSP and 360. Liking the PSP doesn't automatically put you in bed with Sony, and remember what it's wonderful creator said when people were having problems with it "There just pushing the buttons way too hard"

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The story is too old to be commented.