Lollipop Chainsaw Live Action Trailer Gets Dirty, Then Clean

GR: Blood. Cheerleader. Chainsaw. These are all the ingredients you need for a kick-ass live-action Lollipop Chainsaw trailer.

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alexcosborn3019d ago

LOL. Absolutely ridiculous.

ATi_Elite3019d ago


And now i know what i want my girlfriend to dress up as for Halloween..........or our next roleplay session!

StayStatic3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )


TekoIie3019d ago

.... and sooooooooooollllllllDA!!!

izumo_lee3019d ago

Hey where is the decapitated head at the end of her chainsaw!!!

Nice to see Warner Bros. really taking a liking to this game made by that crazy Suda 51. I see a feature film in the future....& it may be the best video game movie EVER!!!!

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