Devil May Cry 4 PS3/X360 Price Disparity

Gameplayer has got wind of a pricing difference between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Devil May Cry 4 and examines this growing trend in the marketplace.

"This news joins a disturbing trend. We already know that GTA will cost more on PS3; each new price disparity announcement suggests the problem is systemic."

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Fighter4030d ago

For Australia only. I feel bad for them for paying so much but they should blame their government for this.

lockload4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Devil May Cry 4 Limited Edition (PlayStation 3) £44.99 ($90)
Devil May Cry 4 Limited Edition (Xbox 360) £34.99 ($70)

Devil May Cry 4 (PlayStation 3) £39.99 ($80)
Devil May Cry 4 (Xbox 360) £32.99 ($66)

These companies are selling 1/3 of the amount of PS3 games compared to 360 they have to make their money back somehow..

EDIT: Game is the #1 games retailer in the uk, they own gameplay and gamestation

rofldings4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

They Aussies won't even notice, because they're all doing the Melbourne Shuffle! :D

btw, guy in purple hoodie = epic:

fopums4030d ago


Internet high five! thats was great XD

userofbb4030d ago

Not for Canada, here, prices are the same...

Devil May Cry 4
$59,99 Cad ($59,77 Usd)
Collector's edition ($79,99 Cad)


BrianC62344029d ago

Wow, Aussies sure get screwed. I don't think it's because Sony charges more than Microsoft for royalties unless that's different in each country. This isn't happening in any other country that I've seen.

malingenie4029d ago

Rolfdings, man you made me smile in me office, thx

ps3playbeyon4029d ago

Hahaha man that stuff is funny but cool at the same time...thanx 4 sharin..too funny man..

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aggh im on fire4030d ago

That sucks. Should be the same price on both.No wonder games are selling better on 360.

lockload4030d ago

At first glance maybe but when you look at it if game x has the same shelf space for 360 and PS3 and the 360 version sells 3 times more (which is usually the case) the company need to make that shelf space pay..its either sell the PS3 version for more or dont give it shelf space

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monks4030d ago

Zhuk i am a 360, psp and ps3 owner and you really give gamers a bad name please stop with the PR just enjoy games

mesh14029d ago

well they use more money to make games looks asgood as the 360 version also sony is using skeems like $40for gtprolgoue to pay their cosy of making a game on a flawed console if they didnt there wud be bo game son the ps3 which isnot seeliing well world wide also this price defference in which 360 games are cheaper is world wide here in the uk also

LightningPS34030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

that sucks, Sony needs to put an end to this, how can games cost more on their console, when it's the same game?

Something they need to address if they want to do well.

Here in the United States, all PS3/360 games retail the same obviously. Imagine the negative feeback PS3 would be getting here in the United States if their games costed more than 360's games.

lockload4030d ago

The publisher sets a wholesale price for the game when they well to distributors.

Say the game cost 5m to develop on PS3 and 360

If they then sell 1/3 the amount of copies on PS3 they have basically got a 1/3 ROI of their 360 version, they are not a charity

LightningPS34030d ago

so because 360 came out first, has a larger install base and sells more copies of games, PS3 games have to cost more?

What your saying, is that PS3 is f*cked. Basicly you're a screaming XBOT, the kind that brags about it's attach rates or something.

HeavyweightInTheGame4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Thats not what he's saying at all. In order to make a profit, they need to sell for higher to make profit due to the lack of the customer base for the PS3. Straight business bro. If the game sells for 60 bucks. Lets say that 10 people buy it on 360. Thats 600 bucks right there. But lets say that only 6 people but it for the PS3 due to the smaller base, they will only make 360 bucks off that. They will lose money. They need to make it up somehow. And that is by charging the customer more to make up on less sales. Thats the way BUSINESS works. Companies are not in business to help you by losing money. They need profits to stay in business. But I know it does suck that some people have to pay more to enjoy the same game.

SlappingOysters4030d ago

The problem I see with this theory is that it is not two separate companies. If it costs 5m to make the game as multiformat then why would the Capcom need to sell more PS3 games... it's multiformat and all the revenue regardless of where it sells returns to the same pool.

It would seem to me to be a smart tactic if you are MS to reduce the licensing fees on big name multi-format games to encourage the end-user to opt for their format over Sony's. If so the question begged is why don't Sony match them? In the past - and I know this will sound flamey but it is just a statement - Sony have shown a fair bit of arrogance in their relationship to the consumer. Perhaps they believe playing on PS3 is worth an extra $10 to you?

HeavyweightInTheGame4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Yes but the compnay needs to make a decent return on their investment. Lets say the game costs 10 mill to make. They make 60 mil back from selling on 360 due to the larger base (lets say). And only make 20-30 mil from PS3. It's not worth their investment as much and they will not maximize their profits. If they sell for a bit more on PS3, they will make more profits from it thus getting higher returns on their investment. I might be wrong, but I just graduated from university in business just last April. I know this stuff pretty well.

Ju4030d ago

All these theories are flawed. DMC4 will sell more on the PS3 then on the 360. (5-10x in Japan, slightly more in Europe (AC sold more there already - in total!), and probably the same in the US, or a bit less).

The only reason they'll do is, to make even more profit.

SlappingOysters4030d ago

That doesn't make sense dude.

If it costs 10 mil and they make 10 mil back on X360 sales they don't need to charge more for the PS3. If they sell 80% 360 and 20% PS3 it doesn't matter, it all goes to the same bottom line.

By your theory why not charge them both at $105 then. Or Xbox at 80 and PS3 at 130.

The Killer4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

it doesnt matter if they will sell less or more in one console, there sooooo many games out there that sell at same price and ps3 sales r less.
and do u think guys that 360 version will sell more?? u talk about it as if it was a xbox game or something!! HELLLOOOO wake up it was born on ps2 and it have many ps2 fans and it will sell more on ps3 or at worst case scenario will sell as much as 360 version!! in japan only the ps3 version will sell, in europe mostly the ps3, in NA not so sure the chances is 50/50 that either 360 version will sell more or less or the same!
so u guys just make any excuse for anything bad happened to ps3 or its game? be honest here, do u want lets say(in ur dreams) MGS4 comes to 360, do u want it to sell it lets say $20 extra for the same version if not worst just because the ps3 version is selling more?? exactly!! so shut it!!

one more thing, what makes u guys think DMC4 is costly?? its 8GB size if not less and many things r the same as DMC3!! this game is cheat but looking good! thats it!! not worth $60!

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