Toshiba Says HD DVD "has not lost" Despite Warner Move

Reuters reports: "Toshiba Corp insisted on Sunday that its HD DVD high-definition video format is far from dead despite being dealt a major setback by Warner Bros studio's decision to exclusively back Sony Corp's rival Blu-ray technology.

Akiyo Ozaka, president of Toshiba America Consumer Products, told a briefing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that HD DVD "has not lost.""

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TANOD4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

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Seriously that the best you can do???

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Lord_Mike4572d ago

They have not lost, they just got pwned!!

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If Toshiba says it then it must be true *sarcasm*

The Brave 14572d ago

did that bich at the end say that they ended with a majority of marketshare for the year?Wow these guys just keep the bull$hit coming!

RonDeMuerte4572d ago

Yes it has.....Toshiba......give it up........let the format die with some dignity before it all goes down in flames....

v1c1ous4572d ago

keep your chin up.

don't let up.

go down with pride, you have my respect.