The Xbox 360's secret weapon for staying on par with the Playstation 3

Gamer.Blorge - Triston McIntyre, January 6, 2008:

Many critics and consumers are claiming that the Playstation 3 has officially pulled past the Xbox 360 in just about every way; however, there is one little discussed key to the Xbox's success that will secure the competitive edge of Microsoft's gaming console when all the odds are stacked against it. It is the one factor that everyone overlooks, but plays the biggest part in console gaming.

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TANOD4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

so it has 0 credibility

PLUS this is a BLOG POST

MY GOD ****this THREAD got approved????

PEOPLE report the story as SPAM

again this comes from ROUND PEG!!!!

ruibing4028d ago

Yeah I was expecting something else as 360's secret weapon, but its controller? I don't any problems with my friend's 360 controllers but no real bias for it either. This is a lame attempt at pro-360 news.


wait a second!!

a year ago everyone was saying how the 360 was leaps beyond the ps3 and how the ps3 could not keep up with the 360..........

how times have changed.

drewdrakes4028d ago

No DARKKNIGHT it was sony fanboys saying how the PS3 was beyond the 360. They were merely defending the 360.

I do prefer the 360 controller. But i am used to the Playstation controller because of my PS1 and 2.

BrianC62344028d ago

I agree. This blog is blahg. It stinks. They say basically the PS3 is better than the 360 but the 360 has a better controller. I'd have to say the PS3 controller is better. Even if it isn't it's not like the PS3 controller is bad. That is nothing but opinion. Too much trash gets posted on this news site.

Kleptic4027d ago

haha this is pretty good...

So now...the fate of this generation, for MS at least, rests literally in people's hands...the controller of the 360, is going to be what decides whether or not the 360 slips in the next few years?

that is totally ridiculous...360 owners like the 360 controller...PS3 owners love the same old controller that we have been used to for over a decade...personally, I can't stand the 360s offset do others...while I agree the pad is light years better than either available for the orginal xbox (the first egg for that thing was topped in badness only by the atari Jaguar)...

and I also have no clue why it is so "superior" for fps games...I have played plenty of fps games on both systems with both controllers...and can't find an advantage for one over the other in any sense...nor can my roommate...I prefer what I am used to, and as does he...and both suck compared to a mouse and keyboard...of which only the PS3 will accept (assuming more devs allow it...its great in UT3 though)...

the Halo Epiphany is what made modern console shooters work...Goldeneye worked great at the time with only one analog, but even that is terrible to what is done now...both controllers have 2 sticks now...and everything else is entirely subjective (especially considering rumble coming back) one will ever convince me that the 360 controller is better than anything (offset sticks, and not to mention the d-pad needing a map and directions)...I am sure that goes the other way for fans of the 360 doesn't matter...

but is this really all that is left for the media to come up with on advantages for the 360?...surely they can do better than that...

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aggh im on fire4028d ago

Gotta agree the 360 pad is better. Its so much better for racing and FPS's. Im not putting down ps3 which is a great console but i do wish they would update their pad it just feels dated now.

Skynetone4028d ago

the 360 pad is better for the simple fact that its more comfortable to use, having the analog stick were the d-pad is makes more sense, the d-pad is not used any more for games except for weapon changes

bee24274028d ago

i love my ps3 and believe it to be better than the 360 in every way, but i do like the 360 for fps games better but i wouldnt say that makes a game better especially if you cant play it becuz the server is down... other the FPS games tho i dont like the 360 controller

actas1234028d ago

I disagree with u here. I tried both controllers and thought the Play station controller is much more comfortable, especially when playing sport games (i.e FIFA 08)..

mikeslemonade4028d ago

What a retarded article. This article shouldn't be taken seriously. I mean come on the controller! It all depends on what controller you get use to. If you hand me a 360 controller to play a FPS I wouldn't have better stats than if I would use the sixaxis because im not use to the 360 pad. What's next? THe 360 is a smaller console therefore it can fit into more houses...

MADGameR4027d ago

The PS3 controller is 100 x better, more comfortable too than the 360 pad. Also the PS3 is the better console and OFCOURSE SONY will win this war too easily!

MADGameR4027d ago

The PS3 controller is 100 x better, more comfortable too than the 360 pad. Also the PS3 is the better console and OFCOURSE SONY will win this war too easily!

jorellpogi4027d ago

It depends on the size of your hands. Mine is small so I'm comfortable with the PS3 controller.

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Fighter4028d ago

Hardware matters more than controllers.

Shankle4028d ago

I disagree. I hate the asymmetrical analogue sticks.

Orange4027d ago

i DO like the slightly roughened yet curved surface of the xbox controller over the slick PS surface, but i agree that the analogue sticks should not be asymmetrical. (IMHO)

LightningPS34028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

what about the Dualshock 3? With rumble and being heavier, it's gonna be about the same thing as the PS2 controller.

I don't see how that's a weakness for PS3. It's the controllers people are pretty use to.

Kleptic4027d ago

totally agree...I got my first PS analog controller with FFVII about 10 years ago (that was before the didn't have the rumble yet, just the analog functionality...looked the same, but didn't work with all games yet)...the feel of it is identical to what is out now...I like the lighter pull on the sticks...I like the R3/L3 clicking better than other controllers...and I like the bumpers better (finally getting used to the spring loaded R2/L2 now...hated that at first, seemed rather pointless, because they were pressure sensitive anyway)...

but sixaxis wise I prefer the internal battery and USB charging way more than AA one can argue that...the PS3 only has wireless stuff "charge kits", or wall mounted garbage...or wires to begin with other than for chargin directly off of the PS3...that is a huge advantage imo...but overall I prefer the sixaxis because its what I was used to...I remember when the PS3 was announced with those boomerang looking things, and I hoped from day 1 that those things wouldn't be the production pads...