Kingdoms of Amalur Review [MonsterVine]

MonsterVine: "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is loooong. Purported to be a game of an extraordinary 200 hours in length and a blend of action and RPG, Amalur certainly seems to rival the likes of The Elder Scrolls at first glance; this shouldn’t be surprising, given support on the project from lead designer of Morrowind and Oblivion fame, Ken Rolston. Indeed, Amalur’s inspiration draws from many great games and ideas that we’ve seen over the years – but is that enough"

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Cbaoth013017d ago

For me the weakness of the game is those "little things" that keep the world from feeling as immersive as say Skyrim. No children, no pets or any of those other background things. Also past the combat is where issues cropped up. The NPCs felt like little more the "hi" & "bye" characters, I didn't know any nearly enough to really get to know or feel for them. To be fair though I'm seeing this in quite a few Wrpgs lately.

pandehz3016d ago


Good combat moves
Runs well on average to high end pcs
Lots of lootzz


Couldn't care about the story or any quest at all
Every big enemy felt like a generic bad thing with an hp bar
Interrupt in combat is a little bit annoying the way its been handled, dodge works better than blink during combat. The pause after blink makes it feel clunky.
Same dungeons reused a 100 times with 3 different types of lighting or colour grade.
Very few enemy types when compared to them amount of times you'll be mashing your buttons.
Lacking detail in the world, graphics, sound etc all lacking in terms of details.
Same music makes it a yawnfest.
Few fate moves, feels repetitive
Cutscenes are fixed camera dialogue bits which get boring real quick with terrible presentation. Dialogue sounds sleepy, its like you know its been voice acted and cant relate to the character.
LOTS of running around and LOTS of backtracking. Seriously they need to have a separate sprint skill that can be upgraded and make you speed boost or give a superfast mount.
Annoying camera.
The composition always maintains the character in the dominance. Frame balance is lame and theres really no scope of enjoying the scenery while normal running. You need to stop or repostion camera if you want to look at something. Every single time.

Theres a lot more cons, im just too bored to type. 61 hours later I realize it was just the few combat moves that made me buy the game lol. Sorry for the wall of text, that's exactly how the game felt to me.

Buy it if you want to kill stuff and kill stuff.