Samsung Says Phooey to 1080p, Goes 4x Better with Quad HD


After boring us to tears with matters of little import at a jam-packed press event at CES, behind the scenes, Samsung was prepping the real stuff. Top of the list: A Quad HD TV with a rez of 3840x2160, twice as sharp vertically and horizontally as today's best 1080p sets.

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minorcomplex4565d ago

2160p? I bet it looks amazing, but it would be a little unfair to the consumer IMO. 1080p hasn't even become the standard yet, with HD broadcasting still only being able to display in 1080i/720p.

But still, I'd love to see what it looks like in that high of a resolution, Samsung's are my favorite HDTV's.


sony is already exploring this territory in ultra high def displays.

Crazyglues4565d ago

yeah but think computer monitor... this would be perfect.

ichimaru4565d ago

i thought the human eye couldn't notice any better than 1080p?

socomnick4565d ago

human eye can see like something like 200+ megapixels so yes it can see better than 1080p.

spammy_nooo4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )


ichimaru4565d ago

oh,thnx. guess i heard wrong. so will there be a noticable difference, like 1008p vs 720p

spammy_nooo4565d ago

50 Gig Blu-ray disc = 1080P movie with extra content
200 Gig Blu-ray disc = 2160P movie with extra content

Only possible with Blu-ray BTW.

And I know that they haven't -*actually*- reached 200 gigs yet. Just sayin' though.

bootsielon4565d ago

My exact thought. Bubbles for you

DJ4565d ago

Yeah, uh, I'm happy with 1080p.

spammy_nooo4565d ago

I know, right?

I, personally, am happy with 720p(that's the best set I have.)

1080p does look better, but after a while its just not worth the money.


Bladestar4565d ago

ofcourse you are... don't worry in no time Sony will announce a higher resolution for their TV or something and you will be all over it.

Omegasyde4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

Later this year Microsoft will drop the 360 at Christmas and go with the new xbox console; Xbox Revolution.

The only thing MSFT will let you carry over will be your XBL account and the system will have no backwards compatability.

Wait a second! This scenario sounds like November 2005!

Go away troll.

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The story is too old to be commented.