Engadget Live Coverage from Sony's CES Press Conference Starts

Engadget is live at the Sony press conference and bringing all the latest info as it breaks.


Update: Engadget seems rather biased against Sony in their style of writing. Some of their comments within the blog may offend readers looking for a unbiased read.

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Shaka2K64028d ago

Until they started riding the Sony hate wave, they lost.

havent been to that blog in years, dont plan to ever again.

losers shouldnt even be there back to where they are from small town in their houses eating chips.

Mu5afir4028d ago

Agreed, why even BLOG.. if your going to post crap with every comment. These guys are asses, just blog what is being said.. we don't want to read your half ass attempt at being funny.

TANOD4028d ago

too bad both engadget and PCWORLD deterioted over the years

Hatchetforce4028d ago

Engadget is tied in with Joystiq and Joystiq hates Sony. Even their associated website PS3 fanboy hates Sony.

But even they couldn't prevent the news they said little about - a sub $200 BR ROM drive for the PC.

ruibing4028d ago

News used to be about the news. These guys are obviously using it to either amuse themselves or entertain their selective listeners.

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The Karate Kid4028d ago

Engadget sucks balls. Do they have to make it so obvious that they hate Sony? Damn every other update theres a comment cracking on Sony. There mad because HD-DVD got spanked lol

kingofps34028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

True. They constantly kept pissing me off with their cheap side comments.

Edit: I updated the story.

darkside4028d ago

What's up with Engadget BS coverage of Sony comments?? are they anti- Sony or something. wow just wow, I thought that Engadget can put away the fanboyism and get decent coverage on the next Gen gadgets I guess not.

crazypuppet4028d ago

They add their side comments to every keynote. I cant believe people think they are "sony-haters" which is completely ridiculous. They are adults not little kids they like anything that is of high quality which they think the ps3 is and have said so on many occasions.

darkside4028d ago

You and Engadget should grow the fcuk up. Professional coverage of this event should be more like Coverage like this is the reason why journalism is going down the tubes, and whom professional writers/reporters are a shamed of. This is my last reply to you.

crazypuppet4028d ago

i agree with you that they shouldnt make the comments, but they are not "anti-sony".

Darkiewonder4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

To Be Shown 1pm Tuesday (PST) ;o

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